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February 2014[edit]

8Sun News TV reporter goes off on a hyperbolic rant: Mentally ill person found to be safe enough to see the light of day should still be locked up 24/7 because...? Another reporter replies: "The real truth, I suspect, is a lot of people don't want to be told Li is getting better."
27Louis Gohmert: The civil rights movement was there so blacks can now discriminate against gays.
13It's true - paid government disinfo agents are infiltrating the interwebs! Fortunately Before it's Nuts has the real gen for us: No need to worry - it's all just a conspiracy by globalists, dont' believe a word of it!
26World Net Daily: NASA! Blood moons! Jesus coming! Buy our book.
24We're in ur global warming, giving you Nazism.
34Rehabilitating prisoners will turn them into chemistry teachers, who, without health insurance, will start to sell meth on a grand scale! Only Republicans can stop this national crisis.
17Ragnarök this Saturday. Bring mead. Update: Ragnapaper beat Ragnarok.
19Andy's momma's pissed off about Obama's war on the first amendment
25Anglophones should butcher every non-english name because that's the Canadian way!
20Bye bye, peasants. The Biblical Money Code is gonna make me richer than you (Fox verified)
24It's hard to keep track of all the jokes that can be made about this.
33Rush Limbaugh says Obama won't vacate the White House after 2016. (Truth is stranger than parody.)
-6Prof. Henry A. Giroux on our "post-Orwellian" world: "The atrophy of democratic intuitions of culture and governance are evident in popular representations that undermine the meaning of democracy as a collective ethos that unconditionally stands for social, economic, and political rights." Which translates into the English language as, "Only a totalitarian society could make films like The Matrix."
13A simple and elegant proposal to finance massive edit wars revolutionize government and circumvent the Lying Mainstream Media: Use Wikipedia's editing process to carry out debates on Congressional bills.
43The Broncos' Superbowl loss was God's punishment for trading Tim Tebow.
39The butthurt is strong in Ken Ham: Bill Nye is like Satan offering Eve the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.
11Intermarriage is a threat to Israel
17Answers in Genesis publish their 'commentary' on the Great Debate (I think they think they won) Oh, and here's their post Debate 'rationalisation'
30Pat Robertson puts a smackdown on Ken Ham. UPDATE: Oh, it's on, bitch!
30Short, stupid, and easily refuted: 22 Messages From Creationists To People Who Believe In Evolution and "22 answers for creationists from someone who understands evolution".
19Some really smart and observant person made a video about RationalWiki's Obama article and it got posted on Before It's News: RationalWiki: Obama’s Antichrist (Make sure to read the comments.)
7Who will defend Alan Rusbridger from arrest after he undermined our national security? Well, after this incident and the fact that all the UK government's thinly-veiled threats have just been that, I think we know what would happen to the ConDems if they did.
28If you saw the Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad then you're probably aware that the wingnuts collectively lost their shit over the multiculturalism and depiction of two gay men to the tune of "America the Beautiful". Well, guess who wrote the song. Oh, and for any of you conservatives vowing to drink Pepsi now, P.S.; Pepsi is an ardent supporter of gay rights. (If you're vowing to drink Dr. Pepper, well, most of the rights to that are held by Coke.)
18The Anglo-Saxon Foundation is mad at us again.
19The Christian Post posts "15 Bible verses that suggest the Denver Broncos will win the Superbowl." 43 - 8 later...