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January 2014[edit]

24Preacher doesn't realise Wonder Showzen isn't a kids' show. Hilarity ensues.
4Obama was wrong when he said that the typical woman earns 77 cents for each dollar the typical man earns, and to prove it, here's a study with a summary reading: "The typical woman still earns only 77 cents for each dollar the typical man earns."
12The human rights situation in Venezuela is just fine and dandy, and don't let those lying capitalist flim-flam artists at Human Rights Watch tell you otherwise!
-16Responding to Tom Perkins' complaint that "progressives" are demonizing the rich, Bill Moyers et al. neatly illustrate his point for him. They also call Perkins's Kristallnacht comparison "outrageous," while in the same breath comparing the Wall Street Journal to Pravda.
28The asshole who runs Nestlé: We shouldn't play God in correcting climate change, because I won't admit that I played God in creating it.
30Georgia snow is fake!! It's geoengineering, it's chemtrails, the sky is falling!! Meanwhile, in the real world, snow behaves exactly as it always has
16Everyone stay away from Mike Godwin: WSJ doubles down on Tom Perkins' Kristallnacht.
12Maestro of broscience Tim Ferriss gets into nutrition-based cancer woo.
22A note to Texas Republicans with the cognitive abilities of eight-year-olds: If you can boast that the head of state is a socialist dictator, he's probably not a socialist dictator.
20It's toe Jesus!
20"Skype Exorcisms Are Worthless, Say Full-Time Exorcists"
10A Heritage Foundation fellow argues that the South Korean PM acknowledging the reality that unification is a "not an if, but when" situation is bad because the youth vote is fiscally conservative. He can't even get that right.
19The Idaho branch campus of BYU has made an anti-porn/anti-masturbation film that compares the "struggle" to a World War II battle. Bigoted, stupid and doomed to failure? Replace the Swastika with a chastity belt and it's a perfect match
24More fear mongering from "Energy News": Single diseased seal spotted in Alaska. COULD IT BE CAUSED BY FUKUSHIMA?!?!?!?!
13And now, more fun with eschatology! The rapture is at hand, as foretold by the uniform numbers of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, the videos for "Gangnam Style" and "Call Me, Baby", and a new iPad commercial with windmills that is really a prophecy of nuclear war.!(Warning: Poe's Law in action!)
17The Wall Street Journal publishes a letter from the ex-owner of a 289-foot superyacht who believes that the current "demonization of the rich" is seconds away from a progressive Kristallnacht. (Irony #1: If it were true, American Jews are disproportionately sympathetic to the Kristallnacht; Irony #2: He has close ties with Al Gore and Steve Westly, so he's been assisting in the Kristallnacht; and Irony #3: The venture capital firm who's named after him is backpedalling furiously and Mike Godwin is calling him out personally.)
17Adolf Hitler survived the war; moved to Brazil; married a black lady; lived till 1984. There's even a photo to prove it
10Charles Krauthammer engages in some Bulverism on Fox News.
19Cue Alex Jones: Indicting D'Souza and McDonnell is "just like Nazi Germany."
11Let's bring back the old "global cooling" thesis without context or even the mentioning Global warming or that 2013 was tied for the fourth hottest year on record. Just as long as we get to keep burning the oil.
15Canada's Donald Trump is one step closer to being fired.
20CNaV accidentally cross-posts an article from its Mirror Universe version, telling the readers how to apply for free government grants, and includes the money-shot line "The benefit that remains associated with the grants/government programs is that there is no need to pay anyone back." The visual of Terry with a goatee is left to the reader's imagination... (UPDATE: Poooof! It's gone!)
13"Thanks to my prayers, you didn't suffer the humiliation of power cuts during the World Cup. You now owe me $23 million. You're welcome."
16Move over, Bible Code. here's the REAL mystical revelation: The Keanu Code!
30Rabbi Rokeach commands all Jewish women to shave their heads and to stop wearing noisy shoes. Because noisy shoes were the reason God destroyed Israel.
14Fars goes full crazy. Perhaps they should read the RW article on Sorcha Faal.
-4Prof. Henry A. Giroux: "It's hard to imagine life beyond capitalism." Of course, some reactionary zombies would say that you do not need imagination when you have history.
24I'd like these two writers to debate each other in person. Could be the start of the romance of the century.
17He's an old-fashioned masculine, muscular guy who takes risks. *brushes off sweat* Oh baby, he's so tough...
17 Mark Steyn tries to counteract the polar vortex with his own hot air.
16Peter Hitchens: Liberal compassion killed Mark Duggan, not the police (Neither does ADHD or dyselxia exist)
19Facebook trolls Goat even MORE Conservative pages. Apparently, Andy isn't the only conservative who keeps handing the keys to trolls. UPDATE: aggrieved racist idiot complains on YouTube.
25Poor Ken Ham. Not only is evolution causing young people to dismiss the Bible, but "many young people who had grown up in the church decided to leave the church because they saw evolution as showing the Bible could not be trusted."
13Arnie Gundersen says he won't eat Pacific coast fish because of Fukushima I pollution, and that he and Fairewinds believe low levels of radiation are somehow worse than high levels.
21The Disco 'Tute literally thinks unusual molecules made under unusual conditions means creationism is true - it doesn't, it really really doesn't.
17Hint: It helps not to visit a neo-Nazi party when complaining about the "totalitarian" nature of liberal regimes.
15"The real reason for progressives’ passion for trains is their goal of diminishing Americans’ individualism in order to make them more amenable to collectivism." It seems George Will is already on a certain kind of train. (And a very expensive one too.)
4Rightwingers calling themselves Western Journalism: "Communist Barack Obama Should Be in Prison".
32Polar vortex? Just another liberal hoax, according to Rush.
8There's a difference between "graciously" acknowledging a mistake and being so far up your ass that you can't read basic statistics properly.
16Is the Fukushima reactor going to blow up? That's not what that study says, but let's scare scientifically illiterate people with terms of art anyway.
12Someone blogs that actually, tolerating racism repels people from wanting anything to do with LessWrong. LW proceeds to go batshit with self-justification. These people are, of course, going to save the world.
16Vaccines cause allergies according to Infowars and WorldNutDaily.
49Relevant to our interests: Rightwing Facebook page calls for lynching of Obama, gets taken over by Goat-obsessed trolls.
18Faithfreedom's bullshit about emotionally stunted Muslim babies because of burqas or something, has now nested where it belongs
17ZOMG!!!! People of Europe, run!!! The Marxists at the IMF are coming for 10% of your bank account
17Bobo's argument against weed legalization is so dreadful that Stoned David Brookses are popping up everywhere.
28World Net Daily reinvents the blood libel, directed at Muslims.