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Concentrated water! Just add, er... water.

Real Water® is another marketing ploy designed to separate customers from their cash by peddling what comes out of a domestic tap for a less than 1 cent a gallon[note 1] as a physically altered (and improved) premium product costing about $9 a gallon[1] - over 1000 times more expensive.

The claims[edit]

Real Water claim that the water that is delivered to your house is "damaged" by being "stripped of electrons(-)" as it travels "through pipes, filtration systems, and various devices". This makes the water "positive(+) ionized" and "very acidic".

What it is[edit]

Real Water is filtered and sterilized municipal water with the addition of "potassium and magnesium"[note 2]. The patented "E2 electron energized technology" process is claimed to add "hundreds of millions of free electrons" to "unclump" the water and give it an alkaline pH. Which causes chemists and physicists to clutch their hearts.

Real Water Concentrate[edit]

No, it's not a joke. Real Water® is available as a concentrate.[2]

A 4 oz (or 120 ml) bottle of "concentrated" Real Water is claimed to treat more than 7 gallons,[note 3] a dilution rate of 1:240.

Real Plant Water[edit]

If you are feeling particularly gullible you can splash out on bottles of Real Water to water your garden.[note 4] The website claims:[3]

Real Plant Maximizer is a super growth enhancer. Like Real Water (tm) it contains negatively ionized water that enhances the absorption through the cell walls. Typically you can expect upt to 30% faster plant growth and up to 20% larger fruit yeild.[sic]

And this all for the bargain price of $39.95 a quart. Now, how far is a quart of water going to go in your garden?

The science behind Real Water[edit]

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  1. Circle of Blue's urban water pricing survey (Content not found: consider revising!). Largest monthly bill for family of four using 50 gallons per person per day (4 x 30 x 50 = 6000 gal.) is $44 which equates to 0.7¢ per gallon.
  2. As potassium metal reacts violently with water the additives are likely salts such as potassium chloride, potassium carbonate, potassium bicarbonate, or magnesium chloride.
  3. Dosage rate is 1 ml per 8 oz glass of water. So 120 ml would treat 120 x 8 oz = 60 pints = 7½ gallons.
  4. This puts them into direct competition with Brondo, which has electrolytes -- it's what plants crave!