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Reputation management

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Online reputation management (ORM)[note 1][note 2] is a service that sprung up to fill the need for an antibody to the worst aspects of Web 2.0 (gossip, slander, privacy invasion of privacy). However, there is nothing they do which cannot be done by yourself, albeit for a lot of time, lawyer fees, and the possibility of the Streisand effect coming back to bite you, so often it is easier and cheaper, not to mention more effective, to just hire a "reputation expert" to do the work. Their most basic service keeps your name scrubbed from most online people directories and junk mail lists. Having to pay money to a third party to keep off such lists sucks because they shouldn't be allowed to list anyone without their express consent in the first place.[note 3]


  1. Nonviolent boring old ORM is probably as good example as any of the forms which real private defense agencies might take — in contrast to the paramilitary fantasies envisioned by some violence fetishists and alleged anarcho-capitalists.
  2. Not to be confused with the "Object Relation Model," a programming concept for communication between an application and its data storage facility.
  3. This is sort of like paying protection money to the Mafia.