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If you came here looking for the wiki of the Pro Evolution SoccerWikipedia video game series, you're in the wrong place.

The Pure Energy Systems Wiki (PESWiki) is a wiki dedicated to "Finding and facilitating breakthrough clean energy technologies." In practice, this means cranks pushing perpetual motion machines and purported free energy systems. So, in a sense, it did promote "clean energy" in that the wiki itself generated a huge magnetic force that pulled in cranks from all corners of the internet.


PESWiki did cover news related to conventional "clean energy" and its news items occasionally cover renewable energy that is known to work — solar, for example — and various environmental issues. However, this is really just a case of stopped clock syndrome, as genuine research or environmental articles were hopelessly mixed with and overshadowed by the woo. The wiki itself referred to these as "exotic" forms of energy, and openly declared these to be its specialty. The front page proudly displayed a "Tesla Inspired" badge.

The woo side of the site was a smörgåsbord of pseudoscience topics. It included anti-gravity news,[1] free energy suppression, some non-energy related conspiracy theories,[2] and even some birther conspiracy gumph.[3] Specifically in relation to magical energy, PESWiki covered a magnet and screw powered perpetual motion machine (complete with an incorrect description of magnetism)[4] and a vaguely coherent description of so-called HHO power.[5] The coverage of these topics in PESWiki was extensive, but the critical coverage is varied, the above mention of the "screw/magnet motor" covers numerous replication and validation attempts and hosts a rebuttal from a physics department and even outright suggests fraud. Despite this mounting evidence, PESWiki happily covered near identical projects without also leaning towards calling them fraudulent.[6]

Top 5 exotic free energy devices[edit]

PESWiki hosted a frequently-updated list of what it considers the top 5 exotic energy generators. These have included:

Andrea A. Rossi's Cold Fusion Generator

That old chestnut of kitchen-top cold fusion, what else is there to say?

James Kwok's "Hidro"

A perpetual motion machine based on gravity. It uses a cycle of containers that are alternately air-filled and water-filled to float or sink as needed. It's claimed that the energy comes from gravity itself. In reality, it requires an energy input and is powered by the compressed air it uses to flush the containers.[7]

Aviso's Self-Charging Electric Car

This is a car that will run on a single 12-volt battery. It can do this because it's self charging and "merely serving as the delivery point for the energy that is being harvested from unseen energy all around us through his special circuitry". Verification consists of people looking at it and saying "oooh, that seems to work". There are claims that the Filipino government tested it, but no government report has ever been produced to justify this. It claims to derive its principles of operation from a self-powered electric car developed by Nikola Tesla, except research has shown that Tesla made no such vehicle and the legend was probably made up in the late 1960s, 25 years after Tesla's death.[8][9]

PlasmERG's Noble Gas Engine

A too-good-to-be-true magic box that makes inert gases undergo "Plasmic Transmisive Process" expansion to generate work. PESWiki claims that verification was to be made by 5 prototype models in 2009, but has no further mention of these. It appears to derive from Josef Papp's Noble Gas Engine, which exploded in 1968 while undergoing testing.[10]

Freddy's Cell

This cell is based on Stanley Meyer's "cell" technology which is purported to run a truck on nothing but water. This involves electrolysing water using "resonance" to boost the efficiency. Breaks every rule about conservation of energy by assuming you can get more energy out of a reaction to form water than you need to put in breaking the water up in the first place.


The site hosted around 4000 articles dedicated to renewable and free energy — which is impressive considering PESWiki covered an area of woo and pseudoscience that consists only of minor variations on the theme of perpetual motion. Once you have navigated around the numerous advertisements on the site and scanned through the excess bloat on the left-hand Media Wiki navigation bar, it's possible to take a sneak peak at the recent changes log. Unlike practically mothballed pseudoscience projects such as Wiki4CAM, PESWiki is reasonably active. PESWiki does not operate correctly anymore. The wiki itself attracted from a dozen to a hundred edits per day on average. However, these came mostly from a very small group of users — at least one of which edits in a manner similar to — but at least not as excessive as — User:Conservative of Conservapedia, taking numerous edits to add multiple small changes.[11] The site also frequently updated its news section and hosts some user blogs.[12]

As of 2016, with Sterling Allan's felony conviction and imprisonment,[13] the original site has disappeared. Some of his associates are attempting to implement a new version with "new" "custom" software, but the site shows minimal activity, and most of the old content is gone.

Since July, 2021, the site's original URL has been a bare bones notification that the site's server is being upgraded and things may be delayed as whoever is currently maintaining the site would like us to believe he has a job in the real world. In the meantime, the original URL suggests visiting a temporary page that hasn't been updated since 2021 either.

Sterling Allan[edit]

PESWiki was founded by Remington Steele Sterling Allan, a former alfalfa farmer,[14] erstwhile guest on Coast to Coast AM, and host of the PESWiki-affiliated podcasts This Week in Free Energy and Free Energy Now.

He has devoted his career to promoting free energy devices like magnet motors and cold fusion, and has become very depressed as a result of their consistent and inevitable failure. Is this because "free energy" devices are a load of bullshit brought to us by cranks and scammers? No, according to Allan, the only reasonable explanation for the continued failure of free energy tech is that God Himself is conspiring to suppress it from public knowledge until humanity "awakens".[15] Well, no wonder! This is particularly ironic, considering that Allan claims that He Himself is God in the flesh.[16]

Additionally, Allan is a self-professed pedophile.[17] In 2016, he was convicted of sex offenses against minor children. In June of that year, Allan was sentenced by Judge Darold McDade to 15 years to life in the Utah State Prison for two first-degree felony charges of attempted sodomy on a child.[13]

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