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I Remember At A Rites Of Passage Ceremony, In Which A Igbo Priestess Did The Ceremony And Made It Rain On A Sunny Day During The Ceremony. After The Ceremony It Was Sunny Again. But Later On As We Was In The Kitchen Talking, And A Friend Of Mine Brought Up White People, And I Remember This To This Day In Which She Said They Not Who You Think You Are Seeing And Describe Their Real Features. We Sat There In Amazement As She Spoke About The Biafra Movement In Nigeria And Other Things Like Rituals And Such. As I Personally Do Not Know, I Will Take The Word Of The Women Who Have Told Me About The Reptillians
—Assata Shakur forum member "APUAT WAH"

AssataShakur.org is a webshite devoted to the Black Panther activist and wanted murderer[1] Assata ShakurWikipedia. It is notable largely for its forum, which is a thriving hotbed of black supremacy, anti-white racism and open calls for genocide.

The site was set up by Jacuma Kambui, a member of an Afrocentric group called the Talking Drum Collective.[2][3]

Views of the forum[edit]

The general ideology of the community is based on the idea that black people are oppressed, primarily by white people (although other races, such as Asians[4] and Arabs,[5] have also been implicated) and are therefore justified in launching a bloody revolution. Black people who have led successful lives without resorting to such measures are treated with contempt by the forumgoers: Barack Obama, for example, has been branded a sell-out;[6] at least one member has even argued that he is "genetically white".[7] Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell have been similarly attacked.[8]

Because mankind originated in Africa many members of the forum regard the black race as superior and other ethnicities as degenerate offspring[9] (other members, meanwhile, regard black supremacy less as a legitimate theory and more as a punishment against whites[10]). The fact that the Middle East was the cradle of civilisation is discreetly swept under the carpet.

The forumgoers have adopted the "pan-African flag", coloured red, black and green, as their emblem,[11] hence repeated usage of the initials RBG.

White people[edit]

Funny, doesn't look white to us...

The members of the forum don't particularly like white people. "Of course white people are the devil!!!!", says "Shombay"; "if you believe white supremacy is the devil you MUST believe white people are the devil because white supremacy was started by white people.and ALL white people play their part in keeping white supremacy in place.ALL." "The day that we realize that crakkkas aint mystical creatures with unseen powers, will be the start of getting things back in order" says "Draptomania", illustrating his post with an image of a smiley face firing a machine gun.[12]

"Aryans are ugly, therefore their ugliness plays out in a multitude of ways, including their behavior", says "Majadi". "I mean really if Afrikans were not as fine as we are we would also bring into existence all forms of genocide, ethnic cleansing, murder and mayhem as well! Have you seen their women? My word they are uuuuuuuuugly!"[13]

"The white women is the (Bitch) whore of babylon and will be destroyed!" says "cush215". "The white women is not only the mother of the devil (the white man) but is herself an instrument of Satan. She is a supporter of the devil (the white man) and is always at peace with the treatment that white men are subjecting blacks to for more than a 1000 years." He continues:

White women are whores of Satan. Their goals are opposite to God’s. Everything white women are campaigning for are at odds with the will of God. They want world peace (Matthew 10:34) (under the immoral cultural and economic domination of the white race) they are pro-abortionists (Exodus 20:13), pro-gay rights (Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:26-27), supports gay marriage (Romans:1:26-27), they are environmentalist (Mat 6:25), they promote feminism (Timothy 2:12-14) The white women is the whore of Babylon that Revelation speaks of. Their actions and attitudes show that they are destitute of a Godly conscience. They are heavily involved in pornography. The White women is guilty and she is being destroyed. God has struck them with infertility. White women are increasingly becoming less fertile.

"Good points", replies "Mordecai_7".[14]


Genocide of whites has been advocated by some members of the forum. "DO YOU THINK THAT GIVEN THE NATURE,HISTORY, AND CURRENT BEHAVIOUR OF 'WHITES' THAT IT WILL BE NECCESSARY TO COMPLETELY ELIMINATE THEM IN THE NEAR FUTURE?" asks "5602". "I believe that the most logical conclusion would be an affirmative", replies "General".[15]

"[I] just recently heard that my father (Kamau R. Kambon) received several death threats from various krakkkaz for going David Walker on c-span/cnn in the pre-millions more march speeches and advocating that all krakkkaz should b exterminated", says member Akyeame Kwame,[16] who elsewhere has called for "the destruction of all whiteys in all their various forms from Hindi Aryans to Ameripeans".[17] "I was delighted that c-span finally aired an intelligent assessment from one of our own", replied "Ra Nehem". "Quite naturally, those of us who are grounded Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut (Africans) are in full agreement with Nana Kamau Kambon."[18]

A thread was made about alleged plans made by the South African Communist Party to murder all whites in the country when Nelson Mandela dies. "I pray for the day", said "TureBandele" in reply.[19]

There has also been suggestion of exterminating Asians, Arabs and certain blacks at the same time.[20] When the subject of ethnically cleansing whites to save the black race from miscegenation was brought up, member "RaHa" questioned this idea by asking why Asians, Arabs, Hispanics and mixed-race people should not be exterminated as well. He later clarified that he was not necessarily against wiping out these ethnic groups, he just wanted answers.[21]


Antisemitism, of course, is also common at the forum. "With the increasing realization of the Jewish problem and the escalating hostility towards the jews, do you think that blacks and whites will form some sort of pact in opposition to the Jewish problem that threatens us all?" asks "CosmicAscension". "PrinceHallBrother" claims that "is in the interest of the JEW to keep poor whites and poor blacks fighting amongst themselves."[22]


These two seem to be getting along just fine...

Like many other racists, posters at the Assata Shakur fanclub generally regard homosexuality as part of a plot to wipe out their ethnic group. "Homosexuality is a political tool propogated due to natural tendencies of the European", says "General". "It is a form of Aggression... White males will and have raped everyone including black males to reign supreme as the only superior males. It has nothing to do with Love it is an act of Power, control and manipulation."[23]

Member "Pragmatic", who feels that all American public schools promote white supremacy, argues that "[t]he agenda behind homosexual instruction, in a 'White Supremist' operated public school is to effiminate the males, and defeminate the women to halt 'birth production'. And unless you have another educational agenda superior to the White Power establishment, (which I would like to hear, or see in writing), please tell me: 'How come straight teachers are teaching kids 'how to be homosexual'?"[24]

"SoularFlarez" comments that "i really think that gay shyt is to make us have less kids, it dont seem natural to me at all. i didnt know what gay way till my mother told me around 11 or 12. i thought 2 grown men living together were jus homies or room mates not LOVERS, it never came to me as a realisitic possibility. just seem azz backwards to me". "MsLioness" argues that "homosexuality should be illegal instead of simply frowned upon."[25]

"Well, well, well…the white devil lawmakers of the state of New York have finally made marriage between nasty, same-sex, freak monsters lawful, thanks to the support of the so-called pro-family conservatives", says "Khem Allah". "Imagine that; now, with the political concurrence of the leaders of American society, gay sex monsters named 'Bob' and 'Bill' can pretend to be married, and pack stinking rectal feces in the name of Christianity! With the political blessing of your local lawmakers, hairy lesbian super-butches like 'Sally' and 'Heather' can now pretend to be married sex vermin who crawl under each other and nibble like nasty sewer rats."[26]

"That Untouchable cat" claims that "you KNOW right along with Feminism comes that homosexuality SHXT that they are ALWAYS try to bring with them! Is that what's next for us as a people?" He concludes that "We, as black men, need to have BACKBONES and STOP letting this treachery INTO our community. black man-- take the PANTIES out of your face".[27]


Probably not the most important problem facing black people today.

The forum supports a mish-mash of various Abrahamic and African religions, shot through with the group's extremist political views.

Some members of the forum argue that Jesus was black;[28] at least one has claimed that all of the Biblical prophets were black.[29] In an interesting twist on the curse of Ham, "Coloredisbeautiful" claims that white people are descended from Cain, who was cursed with pale skin when God placed a mark on him.[30]

"Would God Support Revolution?" asks "IfasehunReincarnated".[31] "[I] call on my God daily to assist me in my endeavors, i ask for the total destruction of my enemies", replies "Amatsyah Tel Dan"; "i curse daily the sons of my captors, and i pray that my request for wisdom and might be answered, i call out to the heavens for what to do and the strength to do it, that i lay desolate the abomination that is before my people, that with sword and scalpel, deal with my enemy and heal my people".

However, Akyeame Kwame declares that "god and the devil are parts of the whitey worldview imposed on Afrikans"; he goes on to add that "santa claus and the grinch are parts of the whitey worldview imposed on Afrikans" and that "in a serious revolution all would be destroyed along with the whitey worldview". He concludes that "A true revolution would combine Onyame, Olodumare, Kalunga, Nzambi, Chukwu, Nkulunkunu, Mawu-Lisa[32] to kill a.l.l.a.h. (the arab leech living off of Afrikan humanity) and iblis...it would assasinate g.o.d. (the giver of destruction) and the devil...it would kill the jinns, the leprechauns, the angels, the demons, and all that s**t".[17]

New World Order[edit]

Like many other nutters, the forumgoers are a bit panicky about the New World Order. "JAH III" declares that the NWO is a Nazi plot, originated by Hitler himself after he escaped to South America following World War II ("with the help of the Vatican/Jesuits"). He goes on to claim that a London-based group called the "Club of the Isles" is planning to commit genocide against central Africa.

"[H]ave we considered the fact that the 'nazis' and the 'jews' are one-in-the-same...???" asks "edwins" in reply. "the last two syllables of ashkenazi are nazi".[33]



Related sites[edit]

AssataShakur.org has its own video sharing network, RBG Tube. This was set up on the grounds that "YouTube aka as theytube is a racist and biased site any conscious Afrikan who uploads there can testify to this fact, its heavy censorship on Afrikans is well known."[35]

External links[edit]

See also[edit]

  • Model Minority - AssataShakur.org for angry Asian-American teenage boys.


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