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Resett with art reviews
—Are Bøe Pedersen (or Subjekt) is a Norwegian alt-right and "anti-woke" website that presents itself as a newspaper focused on art. Subjekt hilariously claims to be "the leading cultural newspaper" of Norway and "your best friend in all matters of good taste,"[1] but is in reality the blog of Danby Choi, who is essentially the Norwegian Andy Ngo. It is often compared to and publishes a steady stream of transphobic, racist, Holocaust-denying, and anti-vaccination writers, as well as complaints about "woke culture", "Pride ideology", and "identity politics." Some of its writers also contribute to websites such as and The blog's focus on transphobia and conspiratorial "anti-wokeism" has made it the main forum for far-right anti-gender populism and disinformation in Norway.

Role in the culture war[edit]

Despite the stated focus on art and good taste, a large amount of the content consists of articles complaining about "woke culture" and "identity politics". The website is published by Danby Choi, a blogger and self-styled journalist who is pretty much the Norwegian Andy Ngo. According to an article in leading daily Dagens NæringslivWikipedia, Choi's critics have accused him of being "a transphobe, racist and fascist."[2] The website has published articles attacking LGBT+ rights, articles ridiculing allegations of rape and sexual abuse, and articles by prominent anti-immigration activists and anti-semites; for example the Norwegian humanist and skeptic Didrik SøderlindWikipedia, an advisor at the Norwegian Humanist AssociationWikipedia, has noted that "Subjekt has become a platform of the group surrounding Hans Olav Brendberg. They believe it is reasonable to ask whether Jews are a 'state within the state.'"[3]

Are Bøe Pedersen, an assistant professor at the University of Bergen,Wikipedia described Subjekt in 2021 as "Resett with art reviews"[4] while Didrik Søderlind at the Norwegian Humanist Association described the website in an interview with Dagens NæringslivWikipedia as "Resett for former students at Westerdals" (a private media and communications college with a less than stellar academic reputation).[2] Søderlind has also compared Subjekt to other Norwegian far-right, conspiracy theorist and "anti-woke" websites such as and Steigan.Wikipedia[5] After Subjekt published an article insinuating that Jews are a "state within the state," Søderlind wrote that the website is worse than openly neo-Nazi outlets such as Nordfront and Frihetskamp,[6] and he later clarified that he believes Subjekt is "worse than Resett."[7]

The Norwegian humanist and skeptic Gunnar TjomlidWikipedia has noted that Subjekt has published anti-vaccination disinformation, transphobia and articles by Holocaust deniers, falsely portraying it merely as a matter of freedom of speech and without any regard for the minorities the website incites hatred against.[8]

The humanist, skeptic, and biology professor Øivind BerghWikipedia noted that "Choi and his insignificant, but unbelievably self-congratulatory 'cultural journalists' are the new Resett."[9]

Green politician Torkil VederhusWikipedia wrote that the website peddles falsehoods and "shamelessly milks the culture war."[10]

Conservative historian Bård Larsen,Wikipedia affiliated with the free market think tank Civita, said in 2022 that he thought the website "is about to tip over into problematic terrain", as it "often happens with the most monomaniacal anti-wokeists".[11][note 1]

In 2022 Subjekt extensively promoted an interview with a Norwegian anti-transgender activist by Tucker Carlson. In response, Harald Klungtveit,Wikipedia a journalist and expert on far-right extremism, said that Subjekt has become "a megaphone for American fascist television" and that the website "sucks up to the far right." Klungtveit also said that Choi is not a real journalist.[12] In 2023 Klungtveit said Subjekt and its editor are part of the "Norwegian alt-right."[13]

In August 2022, the Professional Committee of the Press (PFU) ruled, following a complaint by law professor and human rights scholar Mads Andenæs,Wikipedia that Subjekt had violated press ethics in its articles about LGBT+ rights activist Begard Reza.Wikipedia[14]

In 2023, cultural magazine Natt&DagWikipedia described the blog's "debate editor" Mikkel Ihle Tande as "one of the eight most idiotic voices in the trans debate" who is responsible for "enthusiastic and unscrupulous wholesale importation of American culture war" to Norway and who "likely devours four to five dubious (originally: alt-right) Youtube videos daily."[15]

Choi has long attempted to embellish his Wikipedia biography, purportedly via sockpuppetry and with varying levels of success.[16][17]

In 2023, in yet another attempt to make himself relevant, Choi published a book titled Kanseller meg hvis du kan [Cancel me if you can]. The book is an entirely unoriginal rehash of the standard repertoire of the "anti-woke" alt-right, with himself as the tiresome focus of attention. In the book he devotes a whole chapter to complaints about his Wikipedia biography. The earnestness with which Choi lists what he views as his accomplishments, down to his bachelor's degree and club memberships, while lambasting his Wikipedia biography and its "woke" authors, inadvertently adds a layer of humor to the chapter. He also devotes a substantial amount of the book to defending a friend who was convicted of rape, while smearing the victims.[18] In a review of the book, Nazneen Khan-Østrem of the conservative newspaper AftenpostenWikipedia wrote that Choi's ideas about "wokeism" are anchored on the US political right:

In one of the world's most woke countries, Danby Choi sees cancellations everywhere. His supporters in the United States will probably be a little surprised (...) It's quite the allies Choi has with him in the war. Over time, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has become the most famous anti-wokeist. Trump's former advisor Steve Bannon is also part of the gang. He praises Putin because he is anti-woke and Elon Musk. He has declared war against the woke virus. (...) Is it excessive to draw parallels to this far-right landscape when writing about Subjekt and Choi? Not really. What they have in common is the same nagging anxiety that 'someone' is out there to get them[19]

In November 2023, Danby Choi appeared in a video with a man convicted of child sexual abuse. In the video, Choi tells the man that "you have been cancelled" before patting the man on his back and encouragingly telling him he that "you'll get through this".[20][21]

Subjekt has been criticized for promoting culture war and milking controversy in a banal and dishonest way and primarily for economic gain, with Choi pocketing most of the public subsidies the blog receives himself.[22] Geir Magne Staurland, the editor of the cultural newspaper Natt&Dag (Night&Day), said that "they [Subjekt] are trying to squeeze everything into a worldview that revolves around Norway being threatened by a woke tyranny. With tabloid and banal stories, they create a perception of reality where one sees ghosts in broad daylight," and noted that Subjekt routinely publishes articles by "extremist anti-trans activists."[23]

Salary controversy[edit]

In 2021, the website applied for and received public funding. The newspaper Dagens NæringslivWikipedia reported in 2022 that the website's editor Danby Choi has given himself a salary of close to one million NOK, while the other writers receive "next to nothing." This had led to resentment and controversy among the staff.[11]

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