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Netto-uyoku (ネット右翼, Internet right-wing[note 1]) means Japan's young Internet far-right nationalist forces. It's been around since the early 2000s. But they are similar to the American "alt-right" which appeared in the 2010s.

Traditional or neo-conservative Japanese right-wingers do not recognize them as right-wingers. They think it's just a troll out of the Internet by social losers.[note 2]

Netto-uyoku has used hate speech about Koreans. In fact, they actively support the Zaitokukai,Wikipedia's W.svg a strong anti-Korean organization called the Japanese version of the Neo-Nazi movement.

The netto-uyoku is common in Japan's most popular Internet community sites, including Yahoo Japan. Their main habitat is '2chWikipedia's W.svg'.[note 3]

They tend to be misogynistic, cry out about reverse discrimination against men, and preach Japanese chauvinism instead of white supremacy. So they hate all foreigners including white people, and they even cry out for their slaughter.[note 4] But the main object of their hatred is Koreans and Burakumins.Wikipedia's W.svg They're largely made up of a new generation of young people who haven't been through World War II, and they're part of the Japanese version of the incel movement.

The netto-uyoku are furious because they think Japan is the victim of the war because the U.S. dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Pacific War. But they tend to defend or sympathize with Japan's war criminals during World War II.

Netto-uyoku abhor liberals and support America's 'alt-right', but not at all on the issue of World War II. Japan's netto-uyoku are far-right Japanese nationalists who claim that Japan was a victim of World War II war crimes over Hiroshima/Nagasaki's atomic bombing. In contrast, the U.S. 'alt-right' are far-right American nationalists who supported Japanese American internment. So it would be even stranger for them to agree on the issue of World War issues.

While alt-right critically supports the U.S. Republican Party, netto-uyoku actively supports the LDP and Shinzo Abe creed. But while the Abe creed has a critical view of Netto-Uyoku, it belongs to another relatively moderate far-right group.

The netto-uyoku were the originators of the popular online alt-right chan boards. 4chan is based on Futaba Channel, and it was inspired from 2ch, the home of the netto-uyoku which originated in 1999,[1] while 4chan began in 2003.[2]

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  1. The English Wikipedia has translated it as 'Japanese Internet Far Rightists,' but it is a misinterpretation. '右翼' means 'right-wing,' not 'far-right.' and there is also no word for 'Japan' in "ネット右翼".
  2. Even politicians like far-right neoconservative Shinzo Abe have referred to "Netto-uyoku" and "Zaitokukai" as anti-Korean racist hate groups. But liberals in Japan are raising suspicions that the Netto-uyoku is the wingnut welfare of the LDP.
  3. It is the original version of the Waffanise community of 4chan and 8chan.
  4. It even claims that pure-blooded Japanese people are massacred because of the mixed race caused by globalization and multiculturalism. (Basically, a Japanese version of white genocide)


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