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Robert K. G. Temple (1945–) is an American author best known for his book The Sirius Mystery, which argues that the Dogon people were contacted by fish-like aliens.


Temple has an undergraduate degree in Oriental Studies and Sanskrit,[1] but strangely, his website also lists the following qualifications:[2]

  • "Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society". The RAS accepts anyone willing to pay the entry fee.[3]
  • "British School of Archaeology at Rome". Also open to anyone willing to pay the entry fee.[4]

Showing these titles is somewhat like a scientist proudly advertising the fact that they're a member of National Geographic.

Claims of suppression[edit]

Temple has claimed that various government agencies from around the world are trying to suppress his works.[5][6] That's obviously why The Sirius Mystery is available on Temple's site (which is, of course, suppressed and online at the same time), Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.


Barbara Weber Ray, in The 'Reiki' Factor in The Radiance Technique, claims Reiki is very ancient and goes back thousands of years. She cites The Sirius Mystery's description of the Dogon people's knowledge and suggests it is possible that Reiki may also be of extraterrestrial origin.

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