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The beings of light, energy beings, or light beings are yet another group of non-corporeal entities within the paranormal and ufology lore. They could be the polar opposite of the Shadow People since they are anything but sinister. There is no general agreement about their place of origin. They often hail from the Andromeda Galaxy — because as in Star Trek, what comes from there must be weird for some reason — if not from higher dimensions.[1]

Although some spiritual people regard humans as "beings of light,"[2] such a view is more closely related to belief in the immortal soul than to belief in the otherworldly type of light being. Much like Pleiadians and the Crystal Gems,Wikipedia light beings too are sometimes claimed to protect the Earth from fictional, invasive forces such as Reptilians. Energy beings can be contacted through astral projection, dreaming, and meditation.[1] Some of the information they have shared is just painfully obvious advice, such as using electric cars to reduce pollution in cities.[3]:194-216

Physical impossibility[edit]

Something made out of "pure energy/light" is impossible by definition. Energy is a measurable, transferrable property of physical systems as the ability to do work.Wikipedia How much energy a system has is a function of other measurable properties such as frequency, mass, relative position,Wikipedia speed, temperature, etc. Energy has no proper independent existence, as matter and radiation do. In contrast to this, woo treats it like a substance that can take a "pure" form and compose complex systems such as living beings. Saying light composes them makes no sense either. Photons do not behave like molecules at all. Those of visible wavelengths are usually emitted by matter at high temperatures, which is unable to serve as a substrate for life. More plausibly, they could be bioluminiscentWikipedia organisms that light up their tissues with enzymatic reactions and generate "cold light". However, no source describes them as such. In short, "beings of pure energy" is an idea from science fiction — one which wouldn't work in the real world.

See also[edit]

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