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Rollen Stewart

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Rockin' Rollen Stewart, a.k.a. Rainbow Man (1944-) is the born again Christian who was famous for going to every sporting event imaginable during the 1980s holding up a John 3:16 sign. (John 3:16 is a verse in the Gospel of John often associated with salvation by evangelicals.) He was often spotted on television with his John 3:16 sign, wearing a rainbow colored wig and strategically positioning himself at each event to ensure his sign would be on camera, much to the disdain of TV cameramen who considered him a pest. He inspired a lot of copycat religious fanatics to do likewise, and became a target of spoofs by comedians.

He was also clearly batshit insane. Convinced the rapture would take place September 28, 1992, he began writing apocalyptic letters and a series of stink bomb attacks at newspapers, bookstores, and even a few televangelist ministries to call attention to his rapture prophecy. When nobody listened, he took hostages at a California hotel (while covering the hotel room windows with John 3:16 signs) and threatened to shoot down passenger jets departing nearby Los Angeles International Airport unless he got three hours of free TV time. Alas, he is now in prison for life on kidnapping charges, still sticking to his "impending rapture" story.[1][2]

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  • [1] — The movie