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Danny Faulkner is a young Earth creationist with actual scientific qualifications (astronomy) but like Jason Lisle he fails to comprehend how physics actually works. He did some actual research in astronomy relating to binary stars. Faulkner was a professor of astronomy and physics at an actual university (University of South Carolina) but he retired to work for the creationist and pseudoscience organization Answers in Genesis. Faulkner was an employee at the Institute for Creation Research where he put on a facade where he thought he was doing real research. He was previously the "Dean" of the Astro/Geophysics department at the ICR Graduate "School" where he was pretending to teach Astronomy and Physics.


Faulkner first earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Bob Jones University in 1976. In 1979 he earned a Master of Science in Physics from the accredited and respected Clemson University (which seems to be a popular place for BJU graduates to earn their graduate degrees). Later in 1983, Faulkner earned a Master of Arts in Astronomy and in 1989 a Doctor of Philosophy in Astronomy from the legit and accredited Indiana University. Despite having actual astronomy credentials he seemingly has no idea how the scientific method works. Backing this statement, here is a quote from Faulker:

I'm really concerned with people who put that much faith in the big bang. It is the overwhelmingly dominant model, and they've had a few impressive predictions, like the background radiation. But it has many problems—they keep changing the model to make it fit the data we have. As a Christian, my biggest concern is that it doesn't agree at all with the Genesis account of how the world came to be, and my big concern is that when you make that the fingerprint of God, as it were, then when the big bang is discarded, what does that do to Christianity?

But that is how the scientific method works. A scientist changes a model when new information is discovered. For example, scientists used to think that dinosaurs were cold-blooded, but fossil evidence demonstrating warm-blooded traits such as a fast growth rate, as well as the presence of feathers in some species, caused scientists to update their theories. Also, scientists used to think the Sun revolved around the Earth; when it was confirmed that the Earth revolves around the Sun, scientists back in the day changed their views on astronomy and physics (with the exception of a very fringe minority that believes in geocentrism in this day and age). If science did not allow new information to improve and grow knowledge it would just be another kind of religion.


Faulkner believes the Bible is literal, and the Big Bang as well as evolution to be wrong in every sense. But then again, he did get his Bachelor's degree from Bob Jones University and he works for Answers in Genesis so it would be expected that he would be a creationist following the Bible blindly.

Pseudoscientist vs. pseudoscientist[edit]

Faulkner has been criticizing the flat earth movement in the pseudojournal Answers in Genesis since 2016 in more than a dozen articles, probably because he saw that flat eartherism was making inroads into the Christian nutter community.[1]

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