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Mainstream Media Analyst, Former TV Presenter David B takes a critical look at today's TV propaganda and how it ties in with the belief system of the ancient pagan mystery schools.

"What RISE is doing is something called contextualization, like Wycliffe does. He is making the Gospel understandable to the philosophical equivalent of a tribe in the Amazon." - Michael H

RISE MISSION STATEMENT ‘Exposing the kingdom of darkness through real-world evidences to contextualise our culture and lead souls to Christ.’

For the sake of accountability, many of the latest videos published on the RISE / RISEN channel are double checked by a second witness (usually a Pastor).
—RSE main channel description[1]
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RoundSaturnsEye (RSE or R$E. Now known as RISE) is a channel run by a YouTuber-turned conspiracy theorist named David Bass (1987–), who rants about the apocalypse and the AntiChrist. He really doesn't like CERN or modern media, and he will always link them to whatever the horror of the day is.

As of 2021, RSE's two YouTube channels had (combined) almost 370,000 subscribers[note 1] and 11 million views, since account creation in November 2013.[1][2]

Life before conversion[edit]

Bass was responsible for skits in the past, including Dubstep Santa.

Egregious examples[edit]

Former channel banner. Sums it up, really.
  • MATRIX EXPOSED: Where Television REALLY comes from!(link): According to RSE, the entirety of "the media, the celebrity culture, and the movies" is a "false projection" which is deceiving the people of the world as a literal false God. All this, from a picture of "Ashtar" that he pulled from the Internet.[3]
  • Signs of the END TIMES!? What is happening to this world(link): Typical "the apocalypse is coming" video. Features gore-porn and environmental destruction, rants about media deceiving everyone, and pleading that people turn to Christ.
  • Proof the 'Paris Attacks' were a RITUAL SACRIFICE(link): Right off the bat, RSE notes that the popular videogame Battlefield 3 has a mission in which terrorists attack Paris, France, on 13 November — the same day as the 2015 Paris attacks.[4][5] This would be astounding -- if the date of the mission wasn't actually 13 November 2014 (the wrong year) and if there a year held more than 365 days.[6][7] Next, they note that the attacks occur on Friday the 13th — see "365 days" above. They proceed to argue that the Eiffel tower is actually a gigantic representation of a penis and that ISIS was sacrificing humans to it. Right.

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  1. This assumes that 100% of the subscribers were different people between the two channels, which is unlikely.