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Secular Pro-Life is a non-profit anti-abortion organization which is described as incorporating atheists, agnostics, secular humanists, and basically all nonreligious folk into the pro-life movement in the United States. They have stated their mission is to end abortion worldwide.[1] Secular Pro-Life was founded by Kelsey Hazzard in 2009.

Though some supporters of the organization are not alien to conspiracy theories (e.g. abortion is black genocide, abortion causes breast cancer, etc.), they usually refrain from making arguments based on crank ideas, and instead base their arguments on nonreligious and "scientific" reasoning. They're quite liberal too,[2] unlike the majority of the movement.

Secular Pro-Life has appeared at numerous conferences having to do with atheism and irreligion. In 2012, Secular Pro-Life had a stand at the American Atheists conference, where their presence was said to have caused some controversy.[3] In 2014, the president and founder of Secular Pro-Life, Kelsey Hazzard, gave a speech at the University of Georgia, where some who disagreed with the organization tore down posters advertising the group's arrival.

Their website is full of fallacious emotionally manipulative arguments which reduce abortion to murder and hide the hidden misery of unwanted or unexpected pregnancies. One article infers that pharmaceuticals that manufacture day-after-pills are predatory companies that prey on vulnerable women.[4]

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