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Silva method

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José Silva
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The Silva method, also known as Silva Mind Control, is a hypnosis-based self help program developed by a repairman named José Silva. It claims, among other things, to increase your IQ and help you talk with God by staring into space several times a day.

Method and madness[edit]

The heart of the Silva method relies on a fundamental misunderstanding of the brain. Silva came across some work pointing out the differential functions of the left and right hemisphere of the brain and came to the conclusion that the right brain is mystical and all powerful and that everyone is stuck in the left hemisphere. This is patent nonsense and goes against every bit of evidence in neuroscience. Silva though ran with it and claims his method unlocks the power of the right hemisphere allowing people to manifest anything they could possibly want.

Some parts of the method should not be taught to children, or only taught with proper care for their use. In particular, "glove anaesthesia" can get kids in trouble if they just "will the pain away" without attending to the underlying issues. Tales have been told of children carrying on playing with arterial bleeding after making the hurt go away, leading to fatal exsanguination.