Society for the Practical Establishment and Perpetuation of the Ten Commandments

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Devil's in the details
—Robert T. Lee

The Society for the Practical Establishment and Perpetuation of the TEN COMMANDMENTS[note 1] is a badly outdated website (they use frames! who the hell uses frames?) owned by some extremist fundie nutjob called Robert T. Lee. The site promotes a Christian theocratic state which would govern according to a literal interpretation of the Old Testament law and the Ten Commandments, except, of course, for those parts they prefer to ignore.

Only the Creator of the heavens and the earth to whom all mankind are responsible can properly govern them; and He has graciously given them His most wise, noble, righteous and perfect moral Laws by which all people are responsible to perfectly conform in thought word and deed - in every detail of their lives.

Main views[edit]

We the heathens of the United States in order to form a more imperfect union, establish injustice, insure domestic turmoil, provide for the defense of criminals and of heathens who deny God, promote the general illfare, secure the curses of evil liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this anti-God, anti-moral and anti-Christ constitution for the United States of America.

As always, Poe's Law is in full effect. The site's views include the following ideas:

  • The US Constitution and the Bill of Rights are "heathen" documents, the Founding Fathers were inspired by Satan, and democracy is damnable and wrong.[2] Unlike most Christian dominionists, who attempt to rewrite history to portray the Founding Fathers as fundamentalist Christians, this guy is at least honest that the principles that the US was founded on are at odds with Christian fundamentalism.
  • The government should put people to death for "offenses" such as picking one's nose picking up sticks on the Sabbath, eating shrimp, not being a virgin on your wedding night (if you're a girl), being gay, not honoring your parents, or being an atheist, Muslim, Jew, or anyone who doesn't meet the author's view of a "true Christian".[3]
  • Abortion is evil (though the Bible never says so), but murdering your child for cussing you out is okay (because the Bible says so).
  • Jesus was, and could only have been, born under the theocracy of ancient Israel; never mind that he was not born in theocratic ancient Israel, but in the thrice-reconstituted remnant of the kingdom that took its place, which at that time was a client state of the pagan Roman Empire during the heyday of Hellenistic Judaism.Wikipedia
  • Atheism was "written" by Satan, and is properly defined as a denial of the existence of God in the midst of full knowledge that the true God does indeed exist. (One wonders if such an atheist has ever existed.)

His website also includes an "inner circle" (members-only area) — you have to email him and prove you're a "true Christian" in order to join. However, it's easy to "hack" into this area, and nothing is there.

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