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This transgender glossary documents the more common terms of art, neologisms, and memes used by trans people.

Basic concepts[edit]

Sex assignment at birth[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Sex assignment at birth

Sex assignment at birth refers to the sex that an observer declares the baby to be shortly after birth. The doctor (or midwife, or whoever else is present) examines the infant and declares "It's a boy!" if a penis is present or "It's a girl!" if a vulva is present. In the case of certain intersex conditions, one may not be able to make that call, as the genitalia of the infant may be ambivalent.

A breakdown of the terms and abbreviations involved:

  • AFAB
  • AMAB

The terms "AMAB" or "AFAB" are generally preferred over the terms "female-bodied/male bodied" or "anatomically male/anatomically female", or "biologically male/biologically female", as these terms automatically assign a gender to certain body parts, and do not take into account the possibility that the individual in question may have undergone surgery to change their genitals. "Genetic male" or "genetic female" are also incorrect terms, as certain intersex conditions can cause one to have XY chromosomes but be born with a vulva, or have XX chromosomes and be born with a penis.



People with vulvas are declared to be "girls", and are thus "assigned female at birth" (AFAB) or "female assigned at birth" (FAAB).


AgenderWikipedia's W.svg is an identity of not having a particular gender.


People with penises are declared to be "boys" and thus "assigned male at birth" (AMAB) or "male assigned at birth" (MAAB).


AndrogynyWikipedia's W.svg is gender ambiguity.

Baby trans[edit]

A trans person who has recently discovered that they're trans.


Also see Girlmode.

When a trans person presents as male.


BigenderWikipedia's W.svg is a gender identity that consists of two genders.

Breast binding[edit]

Abbreviation: Binding
Also see Tucking.

When a person uses a binder to hide their breasts or make them less noticeable.


A person who seeks to date trans person solely because they are trans.[1]


A cisgender is a person whose gender identity matches their assigned sex.


Being "clocked" means being read as your assigned sex or as transgender, when trying to pass. EG, "He clocked me as trans, despite me being in girlmode".

Cross-sex hormone therapy[edit]

See Transgender hormone therapy


Anatomy of a trans egg.jpg

A trangender person in denial. When the trans person comes out of denial, the egg "cracks".[2]


The offensive act of using a trans person original name before transitioning.

Facial feminization surgery[edit]

Facial feminization surgery (FFS)Wikipedia's W.svg is plastic surgery that makes a face more feminine.

Ferris Argyle[edit]

Ferris is a trans woman from the anime Re:Zero.Wikipedia's W.svg Ferris is used in a various trans memes that are derived from the angry dog noises meme.[3]

Gender dysphoria[edit]

Gender dysphoriaWikipedia's W.svg is the state of dysphoria one feels from not conforming to their identified gender. It also occurs when a trans person is identified with the wrong pronoun.

Gender euphoria[edit]

The state of euphoria one feels from conforming to their identified gender.

Gender fluid[edit]

A gender identity that changes. e.g: A gender-fluid person may be a boy on Monday's and a girl on Sunday's.


GenderqueerWikipedia's W.svg is gender that is neither completely male or female.


Also see Boymode.

When a trans person presents as female.

Hormone replacement therapy[edit]

Abbreviation: HRT
See the main article on this topic: Hormone replacement therapy

See drugs section, below.


Abbreviation: enby
See the main article on this topic: Non-binary

Same as genderqueer.


Passing is when a trans person is physically recognized as their identified gender.

Peak trans[edit]

A moment is a trans person's life where they felt most gender confirmed. Originally, it was a term used by TERFs but the term was reinvented to spite them.[4] To TERFs, it means the time when trans people went far and resulted in intolerance to trans people.


Transwomen are known to enjoy eating pickles because of the salt cravings spiro causes. Not all transwomen eat pickles on spiro, but it's common enough to be a meme.

Sex reassignment surgery[edit]

Abbreviation: SRS
See the main article on this topic: Gender transition

Surgery that involves changing one's primary and secondary sexual characteristicsWikipedia's W.svg to become the opposite sex.


A spirogirl is a trans woman who take spironolactone.


Going stealth means living like their prefered gender completely, and having (almost) nobody know they are trans. In effect, nobody knows or sees them as anything but their prefered gender. This often includes breaking contact with most or many of their pre-transition relatives and friends. Going stealth is not always possible, since it requires being able to pass completely.


A person whose gender doesn't align with their assigned sex.

Transgender hormone therapy[edit]

Transgender hormone therapyWikipedia's W.svg is hormone replacement therapy meant to bring a trans person's secondary sexual characteristics closer to their true gender.

Trans bashing[edit]

Trans bashingWikipedia's W.svg is verbally or sexually abusing a trans person.

Trans panic defense[edit]

See the main articles on this topic: Blaming the victim and Gay panic

Gay and trans "panic" defenseWikipedia's W.svg tactics ask a jury to find that a victim's sexual orientation or gender identity is to blame for the defendant's excessively violent reaction.[5]

Trans man / FtM[edit]

A trans manWikipedia's W.svg is a person who identifies as male and was AFAB.

Trans woman / MtF[edit]

A trans womanWikipedia's W.svg is a person who identifies as female and was AMAB.


TransitioningWikipedia's W.svg is process where a trans person changes their gender presentation over time. It may or may not involve doing HRT.


TrigenderWikipedia's W.svg refers to a person who identifies as male, female, and non-binary.


Also see Breast binding.

The act of hiding one's penis between their legs to appear to have a vagina. The act has negative health consequences, so it must be used in moderation.[6]


Two-spiritWikipedia's W.svg is a term used by Indiginous North Americans to describe gender-variant people in their communities.


The drugs that do magic to your body.(✿◕◡◕)




EstradiolWikipedia's W.svg is a primarily female hormone that gives secondary sex characteristics.Wikipedia's W.svg


Abbreviation: E
Also known as: Titty skittles

EstrogenWikipedia's W.svg is a primarily female hormone that gives secondary sex characteristics.Wikipedia's W.svg


Abbreviation: Spiro

SpironolactoneWikipedia's W.svg is a steroid that has medical uses, although it's not normally given to men because of its feminizing side effects.[7] It's the main effect if you're a trans woman because it suppresses testosterone.[8][9][10] It's known to cause salt cravings.



Abbreviation: T

TestosteroneWikipedia's W.svg is a primarily male hormone that gives secondary sex characteristics.Wikipedia's W.svg


Want to lose all of your trans friends? Refer to them with as these terms.


See the main article on this topic: Cross-dresser

Someone who likes to dress up as the opposite sex. Used to imply that trans people are perverts.


A slur used to insult trans men.


A slur used to insult trans women.


A slur used to insult trans men.


A slur used to insult trans women. It is a common term in the pornography industry.


A derogatory term for a transgender person. Usually used to attack trans women.


A derogatory term that commonly refers to a pre-op trans woman or feminine crossdresser. It means that somehow a trans woman is tricking a cis person into believing they're a woman. The horror of telling the truth. Unfortunately popular within anime fandoms.

TERF terms[edit]

Gender Critical Feminism[edit]

The version of "TERF" that TERFs insist on being called.

Trans agenda[edit]

According to TERFs, trans people have an agenda to:

  • eliminate gender
  • confuse, trick, and make cis people uncomfortable
  • invade cis people's bathrooms.

Meanwhile, trans people's real actual is to lower the suicide rate for trans people.

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