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"Every Westerner is a racist" [1]

Dugin: Different societies have different values.  There are no universal values.  Those who are held are a projection of Western values.  Western civilization is a racist, ethnocentric civilization.  Every Westerner is a racist - not biological, like Hitler, but culturally.  That's why he thinks there is only one civilization - or barbarism.  And this civilization is based on democracy, progress, human rights, free market economy and individual identity.  But barbarism negates all this, for some religious reasons.  That's what the Westerners think, that's why they are cultural racists. 
SPIEGEL: Danilewski spoke of the clash of civilizations 150 years ago.  Why do the Slavophiles consider a confrontation with the West inevitable? 
Dugin: The conflict of civilizations is inevitable. 
SPIEGEL: The philosopher Ivan Kirejewski wrote in the 19th century: Everything that opposes the full development of orthodoxy hinders the development of the Russian people and their well-being;  it violates the soul of Russia, it destroys its moral, social, political health.  Would you sign that? 
Dugin: Yes. 
SPIEGEL: Does not that lead to intolerance of other ideas - to the intolerance you accuse the West? 
Dugin: No.  The orthodox spirit is not exclusive.  In contrast to Catholicism, orthodoxy has a certain flexibility.  We Russians are not nationalists, we have never been a nation.  When we talk about "ours," it's not ethnic.  The Chechen also belongs to us or the Usbeke.  We have told the Turkish or Mongol peoples: You are now part of the Orthodox culture, but we will not persecute you.  You will have your mosques, you will be able to pray.  When we speak of an orthodox national spirit, that does not mean that we declare war on other cultures. 

Exoteric and Esoteric Judaism Isaac Luria and Sabbatai Zevi in Russian Orthodoxy Professor Alexander Dugin [2]

I occupied myself with the great themes of Tradition for many years. I have written some books on the sacral geography, metaphysic of Orthodox Church, geopolitics and so on. Besides Rene Guenon I was also reading the precious books of Gershom Scholem, whom I consider to be the greatest traditionalist thinker. I am happy that I can develop some of the considerations on Qabbalah tradition that I have collected through the years.


In this Big Think article Dugin calls for research into physics to be suppressed and technologies like the internet to be abolished. Probably worth mentioning. (talk) 09:11, 13 April 2018 (UTC)