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Aleksandr Dugin (fascist Engels lookalike), speaking at the 6th International Conference of the New Horizons anti-semitic conference in Tehran in 2018.[1]
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Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin (Russian: Алекса́ндр Ге́льевич Ду́гин) (1962–) is a Russian third positionist who claims to have created a "fourth political theory" beyond capitalism, communism, and fascism, combining the best elements of all three.[2] Dugin's fourth political theory is just a rehashing of third positionism, something that was described long before Dugin was born.

Most people (except for a few) deem him as a hatemonger and Nazbol who rhetorically promotes expansionist wars for reclaiming Mother Russia to its former glory without ever having gone to any actual wars himself, despite being (or, much more likely just claiming to be) one of Vladimir Putin's pet ideologues.[3] The Nazi-Stalinist part is actually true: his stated political position is National Bolshevism. Dugin's influences include a variety of anti-semites and Nazis: Miguel Serrano,Wikipedia Jean Parvulesco,Wikipedia and Nazi Party philosopher Carl Schmitt.Wikipedia[4]:89

Dugin's irredentist view of Russian nationalism is based on the concept of Eurasianism, a concept that he developed from Lev GumilyovWikipedia (or Gumilev) by adding Nazi ideology.[4]:88 Eurasianism in Dugin's conception does not regard Belarus or Ukraine as independent entities from Russia.[4]:93,141 Dugin's Eurasianism is opposed to the rule of law; it is opposed to the European Union and "Atlanticisim" (the US-UK alliance) in principle not based on specific actions; it views the rule of law and Western alliances as Jewish and is, hence, inherently anti-semitic.[4]:89-90

Dugin dismissed fellow fascist and Putin's most influential philosopher Ivan IlyinWikipedia (1883–1954) as an inferior philosopher. Despite this, according to historian Timothy Snyder, "much of Dugin's writing reads like a parody of Ilyin."[4]:90 Putin has referenced all three of them (Ilyin, Gumilev and Dugin) in his attempts to justify his autocracy.[4]:88,91

In 1993, Dugin co-founded with Eduard LimonovWikipedia the National Bolshevik PartyWikipedia of Russia.[4]:89

His most significant accomplishments are:


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