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Lump of labor fallacy and enforced monogamy[edit]

Didn't this page use to have a quote of him claiming that women entering the workforce reduced wages? It should still be here because it is both untrue and indicative of misogyny. Surely the enforced monogamy quote is still dubious even after he clarified himself. It also might be worth including him saying that art requires god to exist in a similar vein to his statements about quitting smoking and presuppositionalism. In 12 rules for life he also tries to use an example of an Indian man making menstrual pads for his wife to prove patriarchy never existed. — Unsigned, by: / talk Requesting thread archival (why?) Plutocow (talk)

Marraige and Divorce Section Assumptions[edit]

In the Marriage and Divorce section there seems to be the implication that divorce rates have had little to outright positive effects on society. The evidence supporting this is the high education rate and low crime rate.

Considering we're getting some of the worst suicide and depression rates ever seen in history, it seems a little harsh to just dismiss Peterson's thoughts on marriage. Requesting thread archival (why?) Plutocow (talk)

He's Ba-ack![edit]

Jordan Peterson is back in public life, apparently; he isn't on the lecture circuit yet, but he put out a YouTube video recently and has written a new book called 'Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life.' Considering that the article's timeline ends with him retreating from public life to recover from addiction to benzos, I think it's in need of an update. — Unsigned, by: Hyasynthgirl / talk / contribs Requesting thread archival (why?) Plutocow (talk)

Women in workplace[edit]

Recently his daughter Mikhaila Peterson revealed Jordan Peterson's 'mask-off' views about women being allowed to work in academia. According to her, Jordan Peterson said something akin to "Women came into the workplace, they're ruining universities." Mikhaila, the ever reasonable one, disagreed with her father's misogynist viewpoint by arguing "It's not just women [...] men were in universities when women got into universities and kind of let this happen. Why don't you talk about that ever?"Mikhaila Peterson Talks Controversy, Woke Culture, F3minism, University Indoctrination, and MORE! | FreshandFit Podcast

I think this point is useful to highlight Jordan Peterson's true beliefs about women in the workplace. He usually dances around this point but never says it explicitly, which his fans view as his "just asking questions". — Unsigned, by: Darthvlad / talk / contribs Requesting thread archival (why?) Plutocow (talk)

Persistent double standards in politics[edit]

The thing I like least about Peterson when it comes to politics is his constant double standards. I think SJW extremists do exist and have done bad things on campuses, but it doesn´t even remotely compare to what Trump is up to, i.e actually plotting a coup. I think the most disengenous thing about him is he pretends all the violence is on the left, whereas far more violence in the US is committed by reactionaries. — Unsigned, by: John stetson / talk / contribs

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A clocked stop: Jordan Peterson opposes the death penalty[edit]

Is this particularly remarkable for a right-wing Canadian to say this? --It's-a me, Lgm sigpic.png LeftyGreenMario!(Mod) 06:22, 14 July 2022 (UTC)

Not that much. Most Canadians are against the death penalty including people towards the right of the political spectrum. Same with most European countries. ShabiDOO 09:10, 14 July 2022 (UTC)