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Status of the journal "Intelligence"[edit]

Should the the journal "Intelligence" really be regarded as a pseudo-journal? While the journal has included people who have published in "Mankind quarterly", I think it's worth bearing in mind that James Flynn, the researcher who gave us the much published "Flynn effect" has also been an editor of the journal. He showed that intelligence can be quite plastic and appears to improve in non-genetically attributed ways and his work has become completely mainstream. Flynn has been regarded as a hero of the left with regard to IQ science but it's worth noting that he does not himself regard the likes of Haier or Murray as pseudo-scientists, but rather as people who do serious evidential work which he has shown to be questionable. He contends that only by taking their work seriously, did he formulate his theories which show the importance and preeminence of environment. One wonders if the attributions of "pseudocience" in this article are more political than based on the views of serious scientists who work in the area.

I think it should also be noticed that the scientists referenced by Vox, such as Eric Turkheimer) who published the take down of the Murray/Harris podcast have also been published by the journal Intelligence ( suggesting that the journal is taken seriously by psychologists of all flavours.— Unsigned, by: WikiWomble / talk / contribs

Intelligence is not exactly a pseudojournal, however some who sit on the Editorial Board are pseudoscientists & support hereditarianism. However I noticed this year they got rid of Richard Lynn who no longer sits on Editorial Board.Octo (talk) 18:35, 26 August 2018 (UTC)