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Bolivia is a South American country. It is one of the poorest countries in South America, mostly due to a drop in the price of tin. It also has enormous reserves of Lithium and coca natural gas, but doesn't use them as a lever in politics like Venezuela. Bolivia also attempted to privatize the water supply, with predictable results.[1] Most Bolivians lack health insurance as well, contributing to the general atmosphere of failure.[2] It has a history of Juntas which finally ended in 1982. The current president is socialist Evo Morales, who wasn't particularly well liked by George W. Bush.[3]

Bolvia is a large producer of cocaine, and thus has been receiving much pressure to shut the farms down. As the president was a member of the coca growers' trade union, this isn't likely to happen. Donald Trump's policy of continuing the War on Drugs means that it is likely the strained relations with the US will continue.


Bolivia has an irredentist national holiday, the Día del Mar (Day of the Sea), dedicated to commemorating and reversing the loss of its coastal territories to Chile in the War of the Pacific.[4] Irredentism is even a part of the Bolivian Constitution, being considered a "permanent and irrevocable objective of the Bolivian State."[5] Such irredentist attitudes are also promoted in some Bolivian textbooks.


As one of the cradles of ancient Andean civilization, Bolivia has attained some degree of interest from woo-chasing hippies, spiritualists, ufologists and others. See Tiwanaku (an ancient Bolivian city) for further detail.

15 Minutes of Fame[edit]

Bolivia is famous as the place where the CIA totally the Bolivians assassinated Che Guevara.