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May I remind you that The Worshipful Company of Barbers love Caesarean sections because this damages the child's brain function thus lowering IQ and also it lowers the immunity of the child.
—Craig Oxley[1]

The Unhinged Unhived Mind is a webshite and a cluster of defunct forums for anti-Catholic conspiracy theorists, run by Craig Oxley. Originally a forum hosted by InvisionFree, it has gone through a number of different incarnations.

General views[edit]

The Unhived Mind claims that "The core of the control over Planet Earth's populace lies in the ancient cults of Zeus and Kronos", which are "still in existence to this very day." The site also points to "the Papal Nobility bloodlines of old going back to the Ptolemaic dynasty era of Egypt" (never mind that the Ptolemaic Dynasty ended long before Christianity even began, let alone the Catholic Church) which "are most powerful bloodlines in existence such as the House of Aldobrandini along with the House of Orsini."

Also involved in this conspiracy are the "Knights of Malta", who are planning to bring about gun control because they "wish for an unarmed populace which can be easily governed under their fascist Global governance about to laid down."

Another goal of this conspiracy is "a population of at least fifty percent homosexuals whilst the rest are majority bi-sexual. This will be achievable without civilization collapse as kids of Saturn will be created in the laboratory replacing children of God." The site describes this as "a H.G Wells free-love society", caused by "Satanic creatures [who] want rid of the idea of sexes just the same as they wish to remove the idea of race, nationality, individuality etc."

"Until forced sterilization and eventual creation of a new genetic modified being," continues the site, "homosexuality aids in curbing the population growth". The site advises us to "Study groups like the Department of Justice Pride connected with bisexual Hillary Clinton and Kristian Marcy."

The site argues that there is no such thing as HIV and that "AIDS has been around since day one under the many names of old such as malnutrition and Syphilis etc. Don't be fooled by the hype and brainwashing on this subject."

On the subject of homosexuals being allowed to donate blood, Oxley comments that "HIV does not exist but many other problems with these homosexuals do exist such as syphilis and chemical breakdown etc. Do you honestly want your body pumped with homosexual blood? Now we know that HIV doesn't exist but most people are not aware of this." He concludes that "you have levels now allowing this above to happen whilst believing that HIV exists and therefore this shows their agenda for depopulation without a care in the World."[2]

Commenting on Resomation Ltd's alternative to cremation, a machine which dissolves human bodies into liquid, Oxley advised his followers to "Watch Richard Fleischer's 1973 Hollywood movie called 'Soylent Green' for a clue to your future junk food which no doubt will be controlled by Monsanto unless that company is merged into SERCO the final mega corporation of the future as in OCP in Paul Verhoeven's 1987 Hollywood movie called 'Robocop.'" Member "calamutiny" said that it reminded him of "the 'Dune' series where the deaths on the desert planet are rendered unto precious water".


FSTDT quotes Oxley as making some rather racist comments on his forum. "I do hate living in Birmingham," runs the quotation, "and I'd hate living in most places with these lands including many European countries also riddled with non-whites destroying our once great lands."

A good example is France, although not a Protestant country it has certainly been destroyed by the Blacks as evidenced by the rioting not so long back twice" he continues; "it's bad enough hearing diversity crap on the TV and Internet without the flesh also. Thats why I try to surround myself with thinking white people locally, who all see what the blacks have done to our once fine country.

The only problem is that most of these people do not realise above this about who allowed these apes to enter our fine once great and prosperous land. I feel sick being amongst all the blacks in this City, they've ruined everything just as the Jesuit wished...[3]


The forumgoers really didn't like actor Christopher Lee. "GOOD LORD! I DON'T THINK ANYONE ELSE HAS DONE SO MANY OCCULT FILMS!" said member "map". "LEE PLAYED A PRIEST WHICH WAS EX-COMMUNICATED FOR PRACTICING WITCHCRAFT! WHAT A JESUIT!" Craig Oxley added that "Christopher Lee was in Star Wars the biggest Knights Templar occult movie of all time."

"LurkingDawn" points out that Lee played an evil wizard who fought Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings films. "Castel Gandolfo is the summer home of the pope, and a Jesuit astronomical observatory", he says. "Gandalf the white wizard is the Pope. Aragorn is the messiah (The return of the king) and the eye of the dark lord Sauron....well you guess." (So wait, the Pope is bad and Gandalf is the Pope, and Christopher Lee played the guy who fought the Pope, but he's also head's spinning.)

Multiple incarnations[edit]

When the original forum was still in existence, Oxley created a mirror named The Unhived Mind II ("DUE TO AN ATTACK ON THIS WEBSITE", apparently) and followed with a second mirror, The Unhived Mind III.

The original forum was shut down by host Invisionfree for violating its terms of service;[4] the two mirrors have also ceased to exist.

At least one of these closures was apparently due to investigative journalist Sherri Kane complaining to the forum's host.[5] Supporters of the forum claimed that the reason Unhived Mind was shut down while Stormfront is allowed to stay is because the latter is pro-Catholic.[6][7] To us, it seems more likely that the sites have different hosts.

A fourth Unhived Mind forum was subsequently created, hosted by Aimoo. Oxley later decided to set up a fifth version hosted at his own domain.[8][9]

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