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Soldiers who are alleged to be going to Iraq or Afghanistan are actually being sent off planet to places like Mars to fight battles alongside other alien races. Those men and women will have their minds wiped when they come back. This is why we're having a lot of suicides with ex-soldiers. In some cases their minds have been wiped so many times they become unbalanced as a result. When they return, they don’t know where they’ve been. They think they’ve been to the Middle East, but they’ve actually been elsewhere.
—Cassidy, as interviewed in Sneaky magazine, 2014[1]

Kerry Lynn Cassidy (c. 1960–) is a conspiracy theorist who runs the Project Camelot YouTube channel and organizes conferences called "Awake and Aware." Her defining features are gullibility and talking way too much. Her YouTube channel has over 60 million views and 230,000 subscribers.[2]

Education and career[edit]

Cassidy was born at Moffett Field in Palo Alto, California, and grew up in Cupertino.[3] She reports on her web site that she has an MBA certificate from UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management and slogged through a year of film school at UCLA Extension. On some of her Project Camelot videos Cassidy stated that she has an MBA, to further embellish her backstory. Her official bio continues:

After 19 years in Hollywood working for major studios and independent production companies in production, development and new media, she has written a number of screenplays. As an independent producer she pitched projects around Hollywood to major producers and directors.[4]

Of course, "pitched" doesn't mean "sold". It does seem that the so-called academic credentials and work experience of Kerry Cassidy are somewhat questionable. Her IMDB page contains three credits, as "herself" rather than as writer or producer. It does appear as if Cassidy has partially invented a rather grandiose backstory for herself, when if the truth be known, Cassidy is not a particularly competent journalist. Cassidy is more interested in playing the victim and proclaiming that the alternative media is male dominated, and nobody takes any notice of her. In actuality, Cassidy is perceived to be unprofessional, narcissistic, self-opinionated and thinks that she is always right.[5] For example, she appeared in a 45-minute TV movie Shadow Operations: The Mars Project. According to Cassidy, this was a pilot for a series that never got funded.[6] The movie implies, on extremely slender evidence, that a secret U.S. government project has already sent humans to Mars. It was shot in late 2010 and was released by Tru TV on 7 November 2012. The movie is now available on YouTube.[7]

Project Camelot[edit]

RMcC: I understand that there was a time when you believed that you were being targeted by the government.

KC: Yes, sure. We're all being targeted. Some people don't know it though.

RMcC: Why are we being targeted?

KC: Because your government is out to get you.
—X-Zone podcast, February 2016[8]

In late 2005, Cassidy met Bill Ryan, a British ex-Scientologist with a nice line in broad-brimmed hats, and they lived together for a while at the Camelot Castle Hotel in Tintagel. Project Camelot grew out of their conversations, conceived as an open-ended series of video interviews with woo-doctors and whistleblowers. In March 2014 Ryan revealed that Project Camelot was initially funded by Cassidy's inheritance, but that she lost $116,000 by investing it with since convicted and jailed con-man Sean David Morton.[9]

Thus was launched hundreds of hours of seemingly unprofessional video, "straight to Youtube," from which we learn that Cassidy's idea of an "interview" is to turn the camera mostly on herself as she asks long, long, long questions. Every single video interview became entirely based around the ego and self-opinionated beliefs of Cassidy. She conveys herself as a veteran of the conspiracy world, but much of the time merely rambles in her monotone video dialogues. Additionally, much of the information Cassidy presents is rehashed from conspiracy forums and blogs, and therefore adds little of any worth.

Another characteristic is Cassidy and Ryan's gullibility. They'll believe any putative assertion an interviewee throws at them, as long as it has the air of disclosing something seekrit. In this respect they make George Noory look like a hardened skeptic. They were totally taken in by the monsta hoax known as Project Serpo—indeed, Bill Ryan volunteered as Project Serpo's webmaster until March 2007. The ongoing gullibility of Cassidy is one of the main reasons why she has very little in the way of legitimacy. Many researchers believe that Cassidy is not that intelligent, and uses her somewhat questionable academic background to embellish her conspiracy based research. In some of her Project Camelot videos, Cassidy seems to be a bit vague and incoherent on occasions, which also therefore adds to the notion that she is not a particularly credible journalist and presenter.

Cassidy and Ryan separated in 2011 but the spate of self-centered video from Cassidy did not abate.[10][11] In the summer of 2015, Cassidy launched what she called the "Project Camelot TV Network." She remained vague about the important question of how viewers would get access to this "network." In the end, it was dumped onto YouTube.

In March 2016, Cassidy announced that she had run out of money and could not continue "this important work" unless rescued by further donations.[12] Just two days later, she produced a 100-minute interview with an astrologer, speculating about the fortunes of the 2016 presidential candidates.

Project Camelot has been described as an example of a second-generation provider of conspirituality.[13]

Interviews with Mark Richards[edit]

Starting in November 2013, Cassidy conducted a series of interviews with convicted murderer Mark Richards, using the appellation "Captain Mark Richards."[14][note 1] The interviews were conducted in California State prison at Vacaville. Cassidy's camcorder is not allowed in the prison (neither is her underwired bra), so her presentations are video of her recollections immediately after each interview.[15]

Much of the material is tales of personal heroism as Richards battles aliens in outer space, in command of exotic military spaceships. Cassidy never asks for documentation or other evidence of the truth of these yarns, and defends Richards saying that he was framed by the Illuminati despite good evidence that he is guilty.[16]

The part of film school that evidently didn't stick with Cassidy is the part where they explain why film and video productions are edited to a reasonable length. The reason is, of course, that your audience is not going to sit through hours and hours of raw recording repeating the same points over and over again. Cassidy's ten interviews with Richards run to an aggregate of more than 13 hours.[17]

Interviewed by Robert David Steele on 15 September 2020, Cassidy said she is in the process of compiling the Mark Richards interview material into a book.[18]

Woo conferences[edit]

Cassidy also devotes admirable energy to sponsorship of conferences. She seems to be good at organizing and begging for money, although a crowd-funding campaign to raise $100,000 for the Project Camelot TV "Network" during November 2015 fell short by $94,150.[19] Her conference series "Awake and Aware" features a typical registration fee of $250, and of course the entire thing is video-recorded and offered as pay-per-view at the low, low, price of $35. Speakers at these affairs are the usual clowns luminaries such as Sean David Morton (until he was convicted of fraud in federal court and sent to the slammer) and new age pseudoscientist David Wilcock.[20]

Cassidy has often complained of feeling off-color at her conferences. Most people would ascribe that to working like hell to get the damn thing organized, traveling across time zones, and then working like hell to keep it on schedule. To Cassidy, however, this is incontrovertible evidence that the US government routinely bombards these conferences with scalar waves.Do You Believe That?

Alleged personal assassination attempt[edit]

On 11 May 2015, Cassidy reported that she had been the victim of a sinister government plot to kill her with a "scaler [sic] weapon formation sent by the dark side."[21]

On 31 May she announced her successful defense against future attacks,[22] and advised all her followers to adopt the following measures:

By sheer coincidence, just four days earlier four people had been convicted by a federal jury in the Eastern District of Washington for importing and selling Miracle Mineral Supplement.[23]

Based upon her reports of these alleged scalar attacks, and her subsequent symptoms, it is entirely possible that she suffered a stroke. Unfortunately, because she apparently believes that she was targeted by The Powers That Be instead of having the potential for a legitimate medical problem, she has not seen a legitimate medical doctor about this (or at least has not reported doing so).

Northern California wildfires[edit]

On 18 October 2017 Cassidy wrote a short essay about the devastating wildfiresWikipedia then ravaging the Napa Valley area of California. At the time, 17 separate fires had devastated 210,000 acres, killing at least 42 people and destroying 5,700 structures. The towns of Calistoga and Santa Rosa were extensively destroyed.

Cassidy wrote that the fires were apparently caused by a space-based weapon, and continued:

The fires in Northern California are clearly the work of planning and an attack orchestrated by the Illuminati and their cohorts. ...

As known, the houses in Northern California were on prime real estate and those in power want the land cleared of the people and their dwellings in order to repossess and control what would be built there in the future. With the sky rocketing value of Northern California wine, this land became a focus for prime real estate development.[24]

Cassidy offered no evidence of Illuminati involvement, and also noted that very extensive brush fires had occurred in South America and Africa where, of course, the high value of real estate is not generally a consideration.

Nearly every modern tragedy was a false flag[edit]

Cassidy clearly wishes to be seen by her followers as someone in possession of secret information sources, although this is not in fact true. Cassidy is pugnacious, intolerant of criticism and always believes she is right. From Sandy Hook to the Boulevard des Anglais in Nice to Paris to Brussels, Cassidy's standard response to the tragedies that afflict modern life is to claim immediately that the real story is not what is widely reported, but a secret plot by government, typically to create a context in which some draconian legislation can be enacted. Indeed, it always seems that Cassidy believes that because she has spent 18 years interviewing mainly wannabes, charlatans and narcissists, that somehow she believes such a claim gives her credence. Four days after the 2015 assassinations of 12 people at the Charlie Hebdo offices, Cassidy commented "Anyone who had any doubts about this being a false flag should now be fully aware that this incident has been faked. Among the questions that remain are who was actually killed within the offices of the paper if anyone and if they weren't killed, where are they?"[25] Later the same day Cassidy was fretting about the shoe that one of the terrorists picked up and put back in the getaway car. She wrote "Uh, really? Where did the random SHOE come from and why would he pick it up? He is apparently wearing 2 shoes so it isn't his!!"[26][note 2]

Of the Bastille Day 2016 attackWikipedia, Cassidy wrote "this latest so called terror attack in Nice smacks of an orchestrated Illuminati hit against French “independence” from their agenda. ... the signs are clear. False Flag."[27]

Analysing the October 2017 massacre in Las Vegas, which cost the lives of 58 concert-goers, Cassidy wrote:

The location of this latest false flag however real the human casualties relates to the history of Mandalay and Kipling, the British illuminati versus possibly what they may see as the U.S. Navy "pirates". This may well be a turf war between illuminati factions over who will run the financial system and how and when it gets taken down and reformulated into the NWO currency...No doubt this is also all about controlling the guns (and getting the U.S. populations under control by attempting once again to take away their guns)."[28]

In no case that she has described as a false flag has Cassidy disclosed any private and reliable information sources that would justify her account of the event. Her judgements of these tragedies appear to be based purely on her personal insanity perceptions. It is noteworthy that the supposed conspiratorial motives of the "real culprits" do not appear to benefit from these tragedies. For example, the real underlying motive for the Charlie Hebdo massacre was supposedly to create an atmosphere in which forced deportation of Muslims would be accepted. In fact, no such deportation has taken place and it has been the Jewish population that has suffered from voluntary exile, to Israel. The poor showing of the extreme-right Front National party in the 2017 Presidential election (33.9% in the second round) attests to the lack of penetration of anti-Muslim ideas in contemporary France.

The strict gun control measures put in place in 2013 in the USA, and the confiscation of millions of privately-owned weapons, were a direct result of the Sandy Hook conspiracy event. So there's that.

Problems with YouTube[edit]

In early 2018, Cassidy found two of her videos pulled by YouTube on grounds of violation of policy. One was an interview with James Fetzer, on 15 March, concerning the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school. Fetzer was strongly of the opinion that the incident was entirely staged for political reasons and that nobody really died. The second was with Fetzer and Ole Dammegard, on 29 March, discussing false flags in general. The policy violation arose from complaints about harassment and bullying.

On 10 May, Cassidy released an 8 1/2 minute video tirade,[29] asserting that YouTube had been infiltrated by the Illuminati and Black Magicians, and threatening to sue. If YouTube finds her in further violation, the "three strikes" rule would mean the deletion of her entire library of ~750 interview videos. She also launched a second alternate channel[30] in protest.

In October 2020, after YouTube assessed two more "strikes" against her channel, Cassidy announced that any videos created by her henceforth would be accessible by subscription only. The existing library would remain free.

The Matrix as documentary[edit]

Interviewed on the podcast "Be Reasonable" in the Summer of 2017, Cassidy stated that an elite of rich and influential people control all aspects of human affairs. This kind of conspiracy theory is not new and is certainly not something that Cassidy has uniquely conveyed. Although Cassidy always tells everyone how intelligent she is, most of her videos are bland, lacking in detailed knowledge, and are very repetitive, as the information that Cassidy uses has simply been taken from the internet. She also said that the 1999 science fiction film The MatrixWikipedia describes the actual situation, and should be viewed as a documentary.[31] The film portrays a dystopia in which what we perceive as reality is an illusion, and the human population is subjugated and exploited as an energy source.

The coronavirus/5G connection[edit]

See the main articles on this topic: COVID-19 and 5G

In an interview[32] with Above Duality at the height of the voluntary isolation/social distancing occasioned by the 2019-20 COVID-19 outbreak, Cassidy explained that the entire population of the planet is infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but that symptoms only appear when the virus is "activated" by 5GWikipedia transmissions.

In fact, there is no correlation at all between COVID-19 hotspots and 5G installations[33].

On epistemology[edit]

Cassidy's view of what knowledge is can be summed up in her own words, in a blog post following the Comet Elenin/Asteroid YU55 débacle. She wrote:

… what resonates with your heart and spirit is where the truth is… not in superficial details that don't add up or painting a logic trail with a broad brush saying this is black and this is white.

Similarly, in discussing the Mark Richards story, Cassidy discusses why "the slow minded members of the population are so easy to deceive" and concludes:

As Einstein said, the real measure of intelligence is the limits of one’s imagination. They, those who don’t believe in conspiracies and who are in denial about the existence of visiting alien races, chemtrails, UFOs, and state-sponsored terrorism also known as false flags, have little imagination.[34]

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