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Accuracy in Media (AIM) is a conservative "media watchdog" organization founded in 1969 by Federal Reserve economist, staunch anti-communist, and unhinged Bircher nutcase Reed Irvine (1922–2004),[1] currently run by his son, Don. It was one of the first watchdog groups set up to fight "liberal media bias," making it something like the older but still ragingly crazy brother of Brent Bozell's Media Research Center. While its content tends to be less fluffy than your average Bozell material, AIM is notorious for pushing quite a lot of its own insanity.


Accuracy in Academia[edit]

In 1985, Reed Irvine founded Accuracy in Academia (AIA) to counter the bias of "liberal academia" and fight oppressive political correctness. Yes, AIA is just as batshit insane as its parent organization. It exists to "inform" students about such dangers as creeping Sharia in the classroom[18] and the PC War on Christmas,[19] and to hector professors they don't like.

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