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Conservative deceit is a common practice. Conservatives love to paint themselves as pure, rational, God-fearing, law-abiding, and home-loving. Let's take a closer look...


Fred Phelps. Say no more.


They love to preach, but what about the practice? Mark Foley, Jimmy Swaggart, Ted Haggard and also others all forgot that the penis is the brain's off switch.


Ted Bundy was a Republican party organiser[1], BTK killer Dennis Rader was President of his local church[2], and Edgar Ray Killen, one of the killers of the "Mississippi Three", was initially acquitted after a single juror couldn't bring herself "to convict a preacher".[3] And this doesn't include those who fall prey to Sudden Crusade Syndrome.

In October 2008 Ted Stevens became the first US Senator since 1981 to be convicted of a felony.[4]

And finally, Kent Hovind.

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Some more law-abiding conservatives

Family loving[edit]

In America, the states with high divorce rates all voted for Bush in 2004.[5]

Other examples of conservative deceit[edit]

J. Edgar Hoover abused his position as head of the FBI to persecute members of the Civil rights movement in the American south;[6] this is despite evidence that Hoover was descended from an African-American family in Mississippi.[7]

In October 2009 Republican Party activists in Connecticut impersonated local Democrats on Twitter. When the company suspended the fake accounts, the GOP complained about censorship.[8]

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg a conservative politician in Germany, who has served as Finance Minister, and Defense Minister, but lost the later position when it was found that he had engaged in extensive plagiarism to obtain his doctorate. He has since admitted to this deception, and agreed to stop using his academic title, and instructed his alma mater to revoke his doctorate... of course, all of this is only because he got caught.

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Conservative deceit is deceit which is spewed from conservatives. Examples include calling Fred Phelps a liberal, saying Richard Dawkins isn't a real professor, and saying that Saddam Hussein was connected with 9/11.

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