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Hello, folks. I'm Alexander Bars - the username "fastzander" is an abbreviation of that.

I found Conservapedia by way of TV Tropes, and was utterly dumbfounded by the stuff I read there. Afterwards, I wondered; "Is there a Liberapedia?", so I searched, found it, and from there, I found RationalWiki. Boy howdy, did I find it refreshing after Conservapedia's nonsense.

I'm not technically an atheist so much as an agnostic, but I nevertheless think creationism is a load of tripe, and generally dislike organized religion. I'm also a big fan of Richard Dawkins and Philip Pullman - especially Dawkins' television documentaries. Have rewatched those on YouTube dozens of times.

I wrote the following articles:

Yeah, I know; I've written a lot of pages pertaining to Asia and pages pertaining to MRAs. Men's Rights Activism and Orientalist Woo are two forms of crankery I happen to like, for whatever reason. There seems to be a bit of a curse on me. I keep writing articles about things that seem on-mission to me, but then they get deletion notifications on grounds that they aren't. I wrote the one on Chua because she wrote an inflamatory book on crank parenting techniques, and the one on BCISITCMaaRGOPC because it's an incoherent, vanity-published anti-birth control book written by a Christian wingnut, yet people don't seem to think either is relevant enough. A long time ago, I also wrote an article on the website Bad Chinese Mama, because it's about refuting stereotypes and disparaging racism (and thus, seemed on-mission to me), yet it was deleted. Ah well, what can ya do.