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Good... Good... Let the HATE flow through you!
—Darth Sidious

Angry White Dude is a blog dedicated to the "defense of the most ridiculed and unappreciated being on the planet… THE WHITE MALE."

Translation: it's a by-the-numbers, foaming-at-the-mouth right-wing blog dedicated to bellyaching about the perceived war against the groups and classes who rule the world (i.e… men, whites, heterosexuals, neurotypical, cisgenders, Christians, the rich, the military, etc.) by Barack Obama, and to stroking off its author's ego.

Blowing a gasket[edit]

Entries read like Encyclopedia Dramatica articles and it can sometimes be hard to discern so much as the author’s hypothesis amidst all the swearing and bitching. Like, just what the hell is he contending in this article? That frogs cats are gay?

That aside, you've seen all this stuff before:

Naturally, the author is himself swollen with vanity, casually referring to himself as "Big Sexy"?

Oh, and although it ostensibly is not a white supremacist website and does not allow the denigration of blacks, that still doesn't stop a proliferation of content pertaining to blacks gobbling up welfare, and to comments such as this:

How do you explain American Blacks with an average IQ 15 points below Whites voted almost solely for Obama?
—Angry White Dude[3]

If there's one positive straw to grasp at, it's that the guy does not appear to deny evolution.[4]Global warming, of course, is another matter.[5]

It will surprise you not at all to learn that the Angry White Dude resides in Texas.[6]

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