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About the nerd[edit]

I'm an autistic writer and artist. I know about autism, Down syndrome, psychology, and brains. (It helps to have one.)

I do my best to write in SPOV and match the RationalWiki voice, though it doesn't come naturally to me. I hope that my contributions are helpful.

No, I don't steal art from wikiHow. I draw for wikiHow.

Why am I like this?[edit]

The art: I read that articles with pictures get more attention, and I like to think that my pictures are pretty cool, so I upload drawings and the occasional photo to RationalWiki articles.

The multiple edits: I'm notorious for expanding articles, realizing that I made a typo, and then making multiple edits until I either think it's good enough or give up. If that bothers, you, then I'm sorry. I won't do it again.

Anything else: I was a weird kid, and now I'm a weird adult. Blame it on autism if it suits you. I am what I am.

Images I uploaded[edit]

Because, let's be real: If I don't add them here, I will definitely forget that I uploaded them.

Articles I started[edit]

Beware: I intend to create more.