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(Removed claim that paleontology is not a conspiracy.) Paleontology is a conspiracy? Heh. TheoryOfPractice 20:58, 11 January 2009 (EST)

What else could it be? The world is only 6,000 years old, after all... --BWatson 21:01, 11 January 2009 (EST)
If you're trying to be the next Bugler, you're trying way too hard--and you shouldn't try with TK.. "Subtle as a banjo," as my good friend Rob Wilco liked to say.... TheoryOfPractice 21:29, 11 January 2009 (EST)
Bugler? I could never live up to that level of awesomeness. I just want some fun at the expense of teh Assfly.--BWatson 21:31, 11 January 2009 (EST)
And I'd rather aim higher. MexMax is my personal hero.--BWatson 21:51, 11 January 2009 (EST)
Meh, MexMax's work was undone and over with in mere minutes. Banning a bunch of sysops for a few moments? Nothing serious in the long run...Bugler has permanently sabotaged the project. TheoryOfPractice 21:56, 11 January 2009 (EST)
True. Somehow, blocking Andy seems to be much more satisfying- and less effortful.--BWatson 22:03, 11 January 2009 (EST)

By Request![edit]

Slap.gif By request! WẽãšẽĩõĩďWeaselly.jpgMethinks it is a Weasel 22:14, 12 January 2009 (EST)

Actually, ignore all I said. I didn't know (stupidly enough for me) that you were a parodist. Rock on, Mr Watson, but they will find you soon. Alas! If only it were easier. 23:46, 12 January 2009 (EST)