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PowderSmokeAndLeather: Say something once, why say it again?.Moderator 20:01, 31 October 2013 (UTC)

No longer Christian?[edit]

Just asking, considering your userpage edit. No offense meant. All the best, Reverend Black Percy (talk) 12:12, 21 March 2017 (UTC)

No, I am now an atheist I suppose. No offence taken, a fair question. When I have more time I might add something about that back in Barryjon (talk) 12:15, 21 March 2017 (UTC)
Welcome to the club! And thanks for replying. Th hug.gif I'm not going to "gloat"; the important thing is that you did what's right for you. And let me assure you — if God exists, and He is loving, He won't be upset that you used the critical faculties He Himself endowed you with to question the patently man-made teachings of the world religions. Take these words to heart and ponder them, friend. And excuse my preaching — I do go by "reverend". All the best, Reverend Black Percy (talk) 12:22, 21 March 2017 (UTC)
Gloat away, my boyfriend has certainly been gloating. Haha ;-) Thank-you for your words of encouragement :-0 Barryjon (talk) 12:26, 21 March 2017 (UTC)
Oh, I never was much of a "fedora'd atheist". I'm more in the school of the late Christopher Hitchens, who earned the friendship of people from all walks of life.
This is important to remember: the conclusion one holds (be it "atheist", "Christian" or what have you) is frankly irrelevant. What matters is one's reasons for said conclusion.
It's possible to hold a factually correct view, but for patently incoherent reasons.
In other words, any moron can just pick sides on an issue and hold steadfast. It's quite another thing to actually be able to explain why one holds a particular view, and so on.
But I digest; enjoy your new-found atheism. Th hug.gif Reverend Black Percy (talk) 12:36, 21 March 2017 (UTC)