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994 news cases in Ireland today July 15 2021.[edit]

994 news cases in Ireland today July 15 2021, and there are dickheads protesting outside the Aras in the Phoenix Park over having to be vaccinated to dine indoors at restaurants and pubs.

First they asked me to wear a mask, and I said no because it didn’t work/imposed on my freedom etc. etc…. and so the pandemic dragged on…

Next I half-bottomed wore a mask or a visor, cause I needed to get into the supermarket occasionally…. so the pandemic dragged on…

Next I demanded my rights to visit other countries and have others visit our freedom loving country, so we could spread an infectious disease… rather than doing what makes sense with infectious diseases… and sure it’s not real anyway… and the pandemic dragged on…

Next I demanded that the government lockup/protect the vulnerable, so everything could open and I could have a meaningful Christmas… and so the pandemic dragged on… and the vulnerable remained vulnerable because that’s how it works…. and many of the vulnerable lost things like day services, respite care etc…. etc… but I couldn’t get a pint, so it’s not like their rights or freedoms are important….

Next, when others – especially those in power – didn’t follow basic guidelines, I decided that I sure as hell wouldn’t …because two idiots added together equals common sense, yeah!?… I think… and why should I be responsible for my personal actions…. and so the pandemic dragged on

Next, when I had a bit of a dose – and luckily not too bad – I met other people, cause sure it’s only a flu and the herd needs to be infected for their own good… and so the pandemic dragged on…

Next, I refused a vaccine – which is my right – and while it might protect the vulnerable, why would I take the very small risk of a mild reaction and the minuscule risk of a deadly reaction …. because while freedom fighters sometimes put their lives on the line for others, I’m not that kind of freedom fighter…. I like waving flags from a distance and watch others do the heavy lifting…

and so the pandemic dragged on…

And now, we’ll gather outside the Áras to protect out rights, and have no regards for the rights of the vulnerable, and have absolutely no regard for the men and women who have worked to the point of exhaustion in full PPE in our hospitals, the poorly paid ECE staff, those in supermarkets on minimum wage etc… And we’ll act outraged that some people might not want to mix with un-vaccinated people during a pandemic in enclosed spaces, because they have the audacity to want to protect others, maybe even people who they have direct caring duties with… don’t they know they are sheep…

And we’ll be outraged that the government might decided that actually, the rights of the vulnerable for once might be taken more serious than those of the flag waving ‘freedom fighters’… actually it’s just cause the Vintners are giving out, the government don’t really care about the vulnerable… if only the artist have that kind of lobby clout of the Vintners maybe they could go back to work too… but not while the pandemic drags on …

Freedom isn’t free, I like to make everybody else – especially the vulnerable – pay for mine… see you at the Áras tonight to end this horrendous discrimination against the true “Freedom Fighters”!!!


In response to your question about whether you heard about Welfare recipients needing more money to avoid fraud, you have heard this argument all the time. The idea is that if people aren't on welfare, they are forced into more disreputable sources of income, e.g., prostitution, drug dealing, begging, petty theft, etc. If we were to pay everyone on welfare more, the theory is there'd be even less of those types of crimes. The argument with MPs getting more money is that if their job paid more, they'd be less likely to risk their paycheck over a few quid. MP's are only paid a middle or upper-middle class salary, and they have no way to get a bonus for doing a good job. The easiest way for them to become rich is to arrange for a cushy sinecure with the companies they previously regulated. I don't know how you could legally prevent these sinecures either; there's no way to tell if Joe Biden retiring to become a consultant for Amtrak is him doing actual work on what he's passionate about versus getting a cushy reward for decades of support. CorruptUser 18:10, 15 November 2021 (UTC)

What are you shiteing on about? That's an awful lot of "serious" wordage in response to an off the cuff, SARCASTIC!, comment I posted with a link. Bet you're a barrel of laughs down the train spotting club. Cardinal Chang (talk)

Saloon Bar revert[edit]

Why the heck did you revert the vandalism back??? LongStylus (talk) 23:09, 11 June 2022 (UTC)

Shite, I must have clicked something wrong. Was trying to see what was reverted. I do apologise Cardinal Chang (talk) 08:27, 12 June 2022 (UTC)
It's ok. I was more confused than anything else. LongStylus (talk) 17:46, 12 June 2022 (UTC)

Geek fandom[edit]

X-Men is about civil rights. If you didn't get that, you didn't get X-Men.

Black Panther is about civil rights. If you didn't get that, you didn't get Black Panther.

Captain America literally fought Nazis. He is the embodiment of fighting the alt-right. If you didn't get that, you didn't get Captain America.

The Empire in Star Wars is fascist. The Rebel Alliance are Anti-Fascist. If you didn't get that, you didn't get Star Wars.

The Punisher is not meant to be a role model for police or armed forces. So much so that the writers of The Punisher made him actively speak out against it in a comic. If you didn't get that, you didn't get The Punisher.

Deadpool is queer. He's pan-sexual. Fact. If you didn't get that, you didn't get Deadpool.

Star Trek is about equality for all genders, races and sexualities. As early as the mid-60s it was taking a pro-choice stance and defending a womans right to choose. One of its clearest themes is accepting different cultures and appearances nd working together for peace. (It's also anti-capitalist and pro-vegan.) If you didn't get that, you didn't get Star Trek.

Superman and Supergirl (and a whole host of other superheroes) are immigrants. The stance of those comics is pro-immigration and pro-equality and acceptance. If you didn't get that, you didn't get Superman or Supergirl.

Stan Lee said, "Racism and bigotry are among the deadliest social ills plaguing the world today" If you're bigoted or racist, you didn't get any of the characters Stan Lee created.

The stories we grew up with all taught us to value other people and cultures and to treasure the difference between us. Only villains were xenophobic, or sexist, or racist, or totalitarian. I can't understand how anyone can have missed that.

If you're upset that there's a black Spiderman, or a black Captain America, or a female Thor, or that Ms Marvel is Muslim, or that Dr Who is played by a woman, or that Captain Marvel is pro-feminism, or any of the other things right wing "fans" say is "stealing their childhood" - you never got it in the first place. The things you claim are now "pandering to the lefties" were never on your side to begin with.

If you consider yourself a fan of these things, but you still think the LGBTQ+ community is too "in your face", or have a problem with Black Lives Matter, or want to "take the country back from immigrants", then you're not really a fan at all.

Geek culture isn't suddenly left wing... if always was. You just grew up to be intolerant. you became the villain in the stories you used to love. Cardinal Chang (talk) 11:43, 12 June 2022 (UTC)


Surprised no one's given you this yet. Carthage (talk) 00:31, 18 October 2023 (UTC)

Oh lordy, new found powers. I shall let them go straight to my head. Next stop the fried chicken franchise place. Cardinal Chang (talk) 12:34, 18 October 2023 (UTC)