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My page. It's lonely here.

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Politically, I'm an American Nationalist, which to me is almost anti-Nationalist. I am adamant about E Pluribus Unum, "from many, one". The American "Nation" is made up of bits and pieces of every other nation on Earth from every single walk of life coming together to form something more than the sum of the sum of the parts. American Exceptionalism exists because of American Acceptionalism. If you can pass the most cursory of background checks and screenings, wave the flag and genuinely want to come, welcome to our country.

Furthermore, I am above all a Futurist. I dislike Paul Yang's conclusions, but I believe he is the only politician at this time asking the right questions.

When it comes to energy and carbon, long term, I believe we need to adopt a combination of a nuclear power backbone with a DC Ultra-High Voltage Transmission Line system, and perhaps instead of nuclear being converted into electricity, using the nuclear cores as industrial furnaces directly. Renewables would exist where practical, but would not be the prime focus (except hydro, for reasons). Once our entire grid is nuclear/renewable, the next phase should be hydrolysis of water into hydrogen and oxygen, using the hydrogen to displace the use of methane in ammonia and other chemical production, effectively removing all carbon from our economy. The final phase, once we have spare electricity after that, will be using all that extra electricity and hydrogen to bind atmospheric carbon back into coal. Yes, create fossil fuels out of water and air, and then burying them back in the ground where they belong.

We need to rethink the whole "consumerism" thing. There is a purpose to consumerism, and that's to provide a way to "rank" ourselves in society. This is not good or bad, it just is. It's all well and good to have this rank be "who is the fattest member of the tribe", but not if being fat means more people starve. Resources are not infinite, we shouldn't use up all of our oil just to show off who can have the biggest gas guzzling car when doing so increases air pollution and raises gas prices for the working poor. Instead, we should work towards a society that ranks each other by either things which cause no harm, e.g., artistic ability, humor, musical talent, etc etc, or things which actually help society, e.g., valuable skills, amount of time spent volunteering, etc etc.

When it comes to Trans or Gender issues, I believe two things. First, the "female" experience, from menstruation and ovulation to childbirth and menopause, really is something almost "spiritual" that only (healthy) Cis women will ever take part in. Heck, the very name "mammal" is a reference to the female body. Second, and more importantly, in the long run it doesn't matter. Once we start modifying our bodies with robotics, or combine our bodies with cybernetics, or even upload our brains, "gender" will cease to have meaning anyway. So everyone, get along, stop making things harder than it needs to be.

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