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Welcome and please confirm your identity[edit]

New logo large.png Welcome to RationalWiki, Chris Hallquist!

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If you are interested in contributing:

Since your username is claiming the identity of a real and well-known person, please provide some verification that this is actually you. For example, a mention on your blog - "I edit RationalWiki and this is my user page there" will do. Note that the confirmation should be public (e.g. an e-mail to me won't do), so that other people will be able to easily check your identity.--ZooGuard (talk) 11:07, 30 June 2014 (UTC)

I tweeted about my first couple contributions to RationalWiki, see here and here. Chris Hallquist (talk) 13:45, 30 June 2014 (UTC)
Thank you.--ZooGuard (talk) 13:46, 30 June 2014 (UTC)

What I meant to say...[edit]

Sorry, I didn't explain myself well. Replied. I also commented further down the page re the Goldman Sachs calculation brouhaha.

Welcome to RW, BTW. --Chriswaterguy (talk) 02:09, 7 July 2014 (UTC)