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Ochotona princepsnot a pokémon 02:13, 4 August 2013 (UTC)


I grew up in Utah, surrounded by mormons. I was fortunately raised free and only introduced into religions (smart parents if you ask me). I argued with mormons all the time and read their literature, so I expect to contribute to any angles there (just did!).

Atlas Shrugged was good in that it gave me the push toward intellectual independence. A couple of years of reality has killed most "objectivist" tenets but I'm still glad I read Atlas Shrugged when I did. Now I kind of just figure stuff out by thinking and reading. It's a nice system.

I really enjoy my work - my in-progress PhD in chemical engineering and work at Sandia National Labs take up most of my time. The PhD research concerns algorithm development for computational modeling of turbulence and combustion (combine those and you get fire!). This puts me at the interface of science, math, computer programming, and engineering. Certainly gives a bunch of different perspectives. Anyways I hope to contribute a lot on the engineering/science and maybe some computational modeling (some see it as pseudoscience) areas. Just made a slight mod of the engineering page.

And if there's a place about cooking on this site I'll likely end up adding stuff there too.