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What Doctors Don't Tell You

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Against allopathy
Alternative medicine
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Clinically unproven

What Doctors Don't Tell You (usually abbreviated WDDTY) is a global epicentre of woo containing large amounts of information which your doctor or health practitioner will not tell you, largely because it is utter bollocks. In the spectrum of reliability, only whale.to contains more Wrong.

As usual with woo websites it sees nothing inconsistent in supporting numerous mutually contradictory forms of bullshit, while rejecting all output of the Big Pharma Conspiracy (unless it can be cherry picked to support some bullshit).

WDDTY launched its first mainstream magazine in the UK in 2012, being distributed by newsagents and supermarkets including WH Smith and Tesco. The result has been a surge of reports to the Advertising Standards Authority, largely about the advertisements inside but also about the magazine itself.

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