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Hallwang Clinic

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Hallwang Clinic is a private medical facility in Dornstetten, Germany, specializing in integrative cancer treatments.

Up until 2014 “Hallwang Clinic” was called “Privatklinik Dr. Ursula Jacob” [1] : the name of the medical-director of that “oncology clinic”. If Hallwang's Dr. Ursula Jacob has formal qualifications as an oncologist she has omitted to include them on her résumé.[2]

One of Dr. Jacob's famous cancer patients was the American actress Farrah FawcettWikipedia[3]. A more recent famous customer at Hallwang Clinic is the English actress Leah Bracknell.Wikipedia (Suspension-of-disbelief is required by actors in their workplace, apparently some have that mindset permanently).

"Hallwang Clinic GmbH" has been in existence since 2007, and they state that they have had "over 7,000 patients"[4], but you'll have a hard-job finding internet-posts by any of those 7000 claiming they've been cured by visiting Hallwang.[5]

Ewe shouldn't go there[edit]

Duckhead.gif Quackwatch says: [6]
The theory behind cellular therapy is senseless. The American Cancer Society has strongly advised people not to seek it. Under ordinary circumstances, cells from the organs of one species cannot replace the cells from the organs of other species. When foreign proteins are injected, the immune system attacks them. In addition, injections of animal cells can spread viral disease and trigger severe allergic reactions. When taken by mouth, animal cells are digested and are not absorbed intact into the body.

The clinic is not limited to treating people with cancer: patients with a wide-variety of disorders, including multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, meningitis, irritable bowel syndrome, etc., have received live cell therapyWikipedia at Hallwang Clinic. Specifically, they are injected with "fresh" live sheep-fetus cells.[7]

However transplanting sheep cells is a baaa…d idea, as they would be rejected by the human immune system, and would never survive in a person, so could not be "regenerative". So such xenotransplants are doomed to failure, and have some risk attached via the immune-response to the foreign material injected, and possibly via transmission of zoonotic disease.

In addition to minuscule portions of "fresh" lamb, the Hallwang treatment-menu includes other guaranteed-failures such as homoeopathy, ozone therapy, amygdalin, and orthomolecular medicine.[8] Although some of the items on their menu appear to be proven medical treatments. However, given the context, prospective customers should have those apparently legit treatment-options surveyed by an independent expert who is qualified to judge whether those treatments have any chance of success in their case, and are worth the price of a house (reportedly the cost of cancer treatment at Hallwang Clinic can reach £250K).[9][10]

International con-nections[edit]

People travel from across the globe to get to Hallwang Clinic, including the staff, one of whom, Dr Gregory Hans Schwarz, was from Australia.[11] The Aussies are very obliging: they'll do anything to help a mate.[12]

Hallwang Clinic uses a company called "RGCC Central Europe GmbH" to perform tests on patient's blood to evaluate any cancer cells present[13]. Coincidentally its managing director, Dr Ioannis Papasotiriou, was also a managing-director of Hallwang Clinic.[14] Dr Papasotiriou is billed as "a patent holder" of the RGCC blood-test[15], but according to Google, no patents have been granted to someone with his name: there is just one patent application for a proposed cancer treatment,[16] (which is not a blood test, or a patent).

The results of those RGCC blood tests are used to determine which cancer treatment is best for that particular patient, (e.g. a treatment only available at Hallwang Clinic[17]), and whether an applied treatment has been effective and should be r€p€at€d in the future. As they are proprietary blood tests it's not possible to independently replicate that exact same blood-work to check their accuracy. The American branch of RGCC is run by a chiropractor called Ray Hammon.[18] Like all chiropractors, Ray is misleading his customers into believing he's realigning their vertebrae, and in his case also misleading them into believing intravenous-injections of hydrogen-peroxide and EDTA are a good idea.[19]

An American doctor of medicine called "James W Forsythe, MD, HMD"[20], does recommend RGCC blood tests[21]. However that Dr Forsythe has been disciplined* repeatedly: for medical malpractice[22] & overcharging for laboratory-tests performed outside his office[23]. (* Anyone with an M.D. qualification who describes themselves as being an alternative / complementary / integrative practitioner, has another skeleton in their closet in addition to a didactic one).

A "Dr. Kevin Bethel MD CM FAARM FICT" at the "IAT clinic in the Bahamas" is another MD in who recommends RGCC testing.[24] "FICT" is a qualification from A4MWikipedia: so it may as well mean FICTional. (The "IAT clinic in the Bahamas" has been in serious trouble in the past[25]). "IAT" is purportedly a form of immunotherapy, which was invented by zoologist Lawrence Burton in the 1970's.[26] However no independent evidence that IAT is an effective cancer treatment,[27] and the blood-products involved in IAT are banned from USA by the FDA.[28]


The current managing director of Hallwang Clinic is Dr. Albert Schmierer,[29] not a doctor of medicine, but allegedly a "pharmacist". His family business "Dr Zinsser Pharmaceuticals" sells homeopathic remedies[30] , including ones derived from toxic substances such as strychnine,[31] however diluted to the point where none of the active ingredient is present in the product sold, as is the norm in the fraud that is homeopathy. I.e. the managing-director of Hallwang Clinic sells customers a mixture of distilled-water & alcohol, with no active ingredient, as if it was medicine. The treatments offered by his clinic should be viewed with that in mind.

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