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Jim Corr

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Jim Corr (in full, James Steven Ignatius Corr) (1964–) is an Irish musician, initially best known from The Corrs.Wikipedia He is now better known as a conspiracy theorist and fractally wrong denier of… pretty well everything. He is a 9/11 truther,[1] a climate change denier,[2] a toxinophobe,[3] an anti-vaxxer,[4] a QAnon believer,[5] and a suporter of homeopathy.[6] He is also a supporter of anti-abortion transphobic anti-vaxxer Gemma O'Doherty, a formerly respected Irish Independent journalist who seems to have gone off the rails and who was banned from YouTube for racism in July 2019.[7]

Prior to 2014, Corr's website was full of anti-fluoride hysteria, 7/7 denialism, links to Mercola articles, repetition of false flag operation accusations from the likes of Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson, and so many other examples of crackpottery that it could almost have been used as a touchstone for Scopie's law.[8] Someone, possibly the band's manager or one of Corr's sisters, seems to have talked him into toning down the website, but as of summer 2019, he continued to be a vortex of crank magnetism on Twitter.

Corr is also a supporter of Donald Trump.[9]

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