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We will not only watch and enjoy the suffering of white people, as our Sun of God desires us to, but with our new generation, we shall see their end. By 2012 the majority of them will successfully be spotted and shamed with The Curse of The Sun of God that they refer to skin cancer and melanoma. In the interim, we shall continue to watch their ill earned possessions be destroyed by our God of Righteousness.
—Elohim Belial[1]

Yakub Islam is an alleged black sect, supposedly founded by someone named "Yakub 7 Ali", that spouts rabid anti-white bigotry shot through with weird sun-worship based on pseudoscience regarding the properties of light. Third-party sources documenting the existence of the sect or its adherents are scanty; this, combined with the complete ludicrousness of its claims, has led some to suggest that the religion is actually a hoax or provocation (see Poe's law), though the SPLC thinks they're probably real.

Blogs supporting Yakub Islam include And God Made Light, Utraviolet [sic] Holocaust, Amerikkka the Beautiful, Black Male Felon, Mass Media Killers, Underpriveleged Journalism and Collective Underground. All use the same styles of writing and graphic design.

People purporting to be members of the group have been known to promote Yakub Islam on message boards. An example is "biggerthomasjr", who joined the Destee forum to talk about his "experience of setting a whyte [sic] woman on fire, last week, while riding the bus."[2]

God Damn America Movement[edit]

The God Damn America Movement, also referred to as the God Damn (White) America Movement, is one of the Yakub Islam factions. It was reportedly founded in 2008 by someone named Elohim Belial; the group's name was taken from Jeremiah Wright's infamous sermon.[1][3]

The movement claims that the 2008 floods in Iowa were divine punishment on whites for breaking levees in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina;[1] it has also celebrated the 2011 Arizona wildfires[4] and the death of a three-year-old white child in a tornado[5] as just retribution against white "devils". The group has published a "Top 5 Damnation Wish List" outlining its most desired ways for America to be Biblically punished.[6]

Belial regards white people as a "criminal race of devils who earned demonic prophesy foretold against them"[7] and encourages his followers to give them skin cancer by shaking hands with them.[8] He claims that white children are particularly susceptible to this, and can develop skin cancer if a black person so much as looks at them.[9]

National Black Foot Soldier Network[edit]

The National Black Foot Soldier Network, which proclaims that "ALL WHITES R TERRORISTS"[10]" and purports to be run by one Yusef Douglas ("One of the 40+ million men in America chosen to endure this historic journey to the completion and fulfillment of ancient prophies foretold") is also affiliated with the numerous Yakub Islam blogs. Like the others, the blog consists largely of poorly-photoshopped images and rants written by people who Don't Quite Understand How Capital Letters Work.

"Because Of Their History & Contemporary Behavior Against Black Citizens, We Must Perceive All Whites With Badges & Guns As State Commissioned Racial Terrorists Who Threaten Our Lives & All Whites Who Own Guns As Racial Terrorists" declares Douglas.[11]

The group claims to have a "Counter Terrorism Minister" named Malachi Louis.[12]

Although they identify themselves as "soldiers" the group claims to oppose black-on-white violence. And they definitely oppose black-on-black violence, which they deem to be "acting white".[13]

"When you recognize white police as terrorists, you must conclude that those who give them authority are terrorists", says member Alfred Issaquah Shafford. "When you reach that conclusion you understand that those who voted to put them in positions of power are terrorists. When you reach that conclusion, you must face the reality that all white people are terrorists".


The late David Mills, a writer who worked on the TV series The Wire and owner of the blog Undercover Black Man, declared Yakub Islam to be a hoax.[14]

These so-called 'Negro Sun Worshippers,' the bogus 'journalists' writing about them, and the Internet posters calling attention to them have been appearing in online forums wherever brutal, real-life black-on-white crimes are being discussed. The posters – masquerading as black men, and using various pseudonyms – celebrate black violence against whites... It all seems calculated to stir up anger amongst white folks.

All of these blogs [which appeared within the space of a few months] deal with nothing else but the Yacub 7 Ali cult or a celebration of black-on-white violent crimes. And, of course, there’s no mention of the existence of a 'Yacub 7 Ali' anywhere on the World Wide Web except for this interlocking network of blogs, websites and discussion-board trolls.

Mills set up an entire blog devoted to chronicling Yakub Islam. He found out that blogger Nicholas Stix had been covering the alleged sect, but denied that it was suspicious.[15] He pointed Stix to a now-defunct website called Svengali Media, involved in the Yakub Islam phenomenon, which identified its material as "cynical humor, more offensive than amusing".[16] Stix eventually concluded that Yakub Islam is a hoax.[17]

Somebody calling himself Larry Collins posted a lengthy comment on Mills' blog claiming that his brother Steven orchestrated the entire hoax ("I have spent some time trying to understand his feelings but I must admit I am at a loss"). Collins lists Stix as one of Steven's pseudonyms,[18] Stix denies this, and argues that it is Larry Collins who is part of the hoax.[19]

Mills, meanwhile, concluded that the hoax was the work of a white supremacist.

If Yacub and the 'Negro Sun Worshippers' were indeed a 'fast-growing movement' across the country, there'd be black people talking about it online", he said. "But the only places online where you'd see discussion of it is was largely white forums, even neo-Nazi forums. That's where the troll was spending is [sic] time. Why? Because he wanted white people to read his websites. A genuine 'black supremacist' would want black people to read his website.[20]

Mills later began to suspect that the hoax was perpetrated by Nick Kasoff, owner of a website called Thug Report,[21] which Kasoff denied.[22]

Southern Poverty Law Center[edit]

The Southern Poverty Law Center says that there are at least eighteen blogs related to the movement, and notes that they threaten to hold anti-white rallies but apparently do not actually carry any out. "By all appearances, the bloggers in the network are mainly involved in E-talk — but it's racially charged trash talk of the highest caliber", says Leah Nelson of the SPLC. "Their writings, usually styled as journalistic reporting or press releases, refer to a set of institutions, holy men, experts, and individuals that only rarely appear on the Internet. The ideology, such as it is, is a mish-mash of ideas drawn from the religious doctrines of various black nationalist groups of the past century. It is those ideas that provide a key clue as to the identity of those behind the NBFSN. They are likely the remnants of a group with a violent history." Nelson points out that the various blogs share a writing style similar to that of Malachi Z. York, founder of Nuwaubianism.

She states that the theories that the group is a hoax "seem dubious at best" and concludes that "it seems very likely that they include many of the hundreds of Nuwaubians who largely disappeared from view after their leader's imprisonment. They also may well include former followers of Yahweh ben Yahweh, a terrifying cult leader who was convicted of conspiracy to murder white people as an initiation rite at his Florida-based Nation of Yahweh".[23]

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