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Yoshihide Suga

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Yoshihide Suga September 2020 (1).jpg

Yoshihide Suga(菅 義偉) is Japan's current prime minister and a national conservative politician. Suga is a member of the Liberal Democratic Party.

He appeared on TV Asahi in September 2019 and said, "South Korea is responsible for all the twisted relations between South Korea and Japan."[1]

Political position[edit]

  • He is in favor of a constitutional amendment.
  • He reserved his approval for the couple's use of different surnames after marriage. (Legally in Japan, couples must have the same last name.)[2]
  • Like his predecessor Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, he is a strong right-wing nationalist and belongs to the far-right organization Nippon Kaigi.
  • Hōsei University(法政大学), where he graduated, is said to be one of the most leftist private universities in Japan.