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Nippon Kaigi (日本会議, Japan Conference) is a Japanese unincorporated association and organization, which tends to be right-wing to far-right. It supports Japan's social conservatism, ultra-nationalism[1] to historical revisionism and Japan's rearmament.

This group supports the LDP politically. The group is also closely related to the Shinzo Abe government.

The organization is prone to Shinto fundamentalism. So, it has anti-feminist tendencies. The group is also hostile to gender-free education and the sexual minority civil rights movement.

Nippon Kaigi does not use the normal term the "Pacific War" to refer to the Asia-Pacific theater of World War II. Instead, they insist on the phrase "Great East Asia War," which was used during the Japanese Empire in the past. It also claims that the "Great East Asia War" was Japan's self-defense war. In addition, Nippon Kaigi uses historical revisionism regarding the Japanese Empire, the Japanese military's use of sexual slavery, the Nanjing massacre and other issues of serious war crimes.

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