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More about CP
Keep up to date with all the insanity at extremist Christian conservative blog Conservapedia right here. This page is for rolling reports of the strange, contradictory or humorous activity at Conservapedia. Archives:

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All-time classics worth preserving for eternity are saved at Best of Conservapedia. The "up/down" voting system (click on the green and red arrows!) is how we pick what should go there.[1]

Add new contributions to the top of this list, and copy the formatting carefully so the polls work properly. Each new entry gets an ID number one higher than the previous one.

Please check older entries to avoid duplication - especially if you see something that's been going on for hours - there's a good chance that someone else has seen it and added it already.

Do not remove items from the list unless you believe they are legally slanderous or otherwise likely to be "detrimental to RationalWiki". Comment out (<!-- WIGO-->) an item if you think it's really an issue. If you think an item is not worthwhile, just vote it down - "one man's boredom is another man's lulz".

Note to Readers: Due to conservative deceit, some page links from this page to Conservapedia may be broken.

What is going on?


Please post new entries like this:

<vote poll=wigoX>Wigo text goes here</vote>

Where X is the next number in the sequence.

End of note

-2Ed Poor is up for Sysop at Wikipedia
37So Conservative has been caught changing quoted material. Will he burn the evidence?

Notes and snark

  1. WARNING: The voting system might be under attack by neoconvicts, koo koo klansmen and/or the International Jewish Conspiracy, so take it with a grain of salt.