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Secrets revealed!
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North Korea, a Land of Human Achievement, Love and Joy
—Everything you need to know about Globalresearch in a nutshell[1] (also under the domain name is the website of the Montreal-based non-profit The Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG) founded by Michel Chossudovsky.

While many of Globalresearch's articles discuss legitimate humanitarian or environmental concerns, the site has a strong undercurrent of reality warping throughout its pages, especially in relation to taking its news from sources such as Russia Today RT[2] and Press TV.[3] Its view of science, the economy and geopolitics seems to be broadly conspiracist.

Whenever someone makes a remarkable claim and cites Globalresearch, they are almost certainly wrong.


[edit] What it thinks it is

The website describes itself as an "independent research and media organization." Globalresearch considers itself to be a reliable "alternative news" source serving as a major repository of a broad range of "news articles, in-depth reports and analysis on issues which are barely covered by the mainstream media" (such as the New World Order). Its politico-economic stance is strongly anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-militarist, "internationalist but anti-globalization."

[edit] What it really is

Despite presenting itself as a source of scholarly analysis, Global Research mostly consists of polemicists, many of whom accept (and use) conspiracy theories, pseudoscience and propaganda. The prevalent conspiracist strand relates to global power-elites (primarily governments and corporations) and their New World Order.[4] Specific featured conspiracy theories include those addressing 9/11,[5] vaccines,[6] genetic modification,[7] Zionism,[8][9] HAARP,[10] global warming denialism,[11][12] Bosnian genocide denialism[13] chemtrails,[14] and David Kelly.[15]

Globalresearch contributors are happy to source information from anyone who seems vaguely aligned with their ideology; during the 2011 Libyan civil war the site was an apologist for Muammar al-Gaddafi,[16] reproducing his propaganda and painting him as a paragon of a modern leader. In the 2014 Ukrainian crisis the site is taking the standard "anti-globalisation" stance against the Western side and falling into the ranks of imperial Russian propaganda instead.

Globalresearch also has published numerous articles written by contributors to New Eastern Outlook, a Moscow-based Russian Government propaganda site. It has published the same articles on the same day as Oriental Review, a Moscow-based site that is also almost certainly a Russian Government site.

It's no surprise then that the site has long become a magnet for radicals, fringe figures and whacko elements from the left in general.

[edit] You may have heard of them elsewhere

RationalWiki's readers may be already familiar with a number of Global Research contributors (though it's unclear if these are original GR pieces, or just republished from their usual sources):

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