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Some dare call it


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What they don't want you to know!
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—Everything you need to know about Globalresearch[1]
Globally researching, globally wrong.

Globalresearch (under the domain names and is an anti-globalization left wing website that can't distinguish between serious analysis and discreditable junk and so publishes both. The website is run by the Montreal-based non-profit The Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG) founded by Michel Chossudovsky,[2][3] a tenured professor at the University of Ottawa.[4] Weep for the future.

While many of Globalresearch's articles discuss legitimate humanitarian or environmental concerns, its view of science, economics, and geopolitics is broadly conspiracist, with a strong anti-Western bent. It's no surprise that the site has long been a crank magnet for moonbats of all stripes. If you disagree with mainstream sources on 9/11, or HAARP, or vaccines, or Gaddafi, or H1N1, or climate change, or anything published by mainstream "Western" media, then Globalresearch is guaranteed to have a page you can cite in support.

Globalresearch may be best described as the moonbat equivalent to WorldNetDaily. Whenever someone makes a remarkable claim and cites Globalresearch, they are almost certainly wrong.


[edit] What it thinks it is

In an era of media disinformation, our focus has essentially been to center on the "unspoken truth".
—Falser words have never been spoken[3]

Globalresearch describes itself as an "independent research and media organization". It considers itself to be "one of the leading alternative news media in North America" and "on the New World Order". Globalresearch considers itself to be a reliable "alternative news" source serving as a major repository of a broad range of "news articles, in-depth reports and analysis on issues which are barely covered by the mainstream media".[3]

Its politico-economic stance is strongly anti-capitalist,[5][6] anti-"imperialist",[7][8] anti-militarist,[9] and anti-globalization.[10]

[edit] Conspiracy theories

We’ve seen it with the treasonous US crime cabal government that engineered the murder of 3000 Americans on 9/11 to establish a fake war on terror with fake enemies acting as mercenary Islamic stooges that conveniently facilitated the dismantling of the US Constitution.
—Joachim Hagopian promoting 9/11 conspiracy theories on Globalresearch[11]

Despite presenting itself as a source of scholarly analysis, Global Research mostly consists of polemicists. The prevalent strand is that a New World Order is being implemented by global elites (primarily governments and corporations).[12][13] Many of the articles accept conspiracy theories, pseudoscience, and propaganda in order to further this narrative.

Specific conspiracy theories include:

  • 9/11 conspiracy theories: the US did 9/11 to start a war;[11][20] most Americans do know the US did it;[21] most Americans don't know the US did it;[22] and the TRUTH is being suppressed by the media.[23]
  • The US and the CIA created ISIS,[24][25] and are using it as a "psyop" theater.[26]
  • Congress is literally puppets: "Members of Congress are puppets. Their vote is controlled by Washington’s lobby groups. For the defence contractors, Wall Street and the Texas oil giants, 'war is good for business'."[27]
  • David Kelly[28]
  • Genocide denialism:

[edit] Media conspiracy

See the main article on this topic: Mainstream media

Globalresearch asserts that most of mainstream media is ultimately controlled by NATO and the US government.

From "America is on a “Hot War Footing”: House Legislation Paves the Way for War with Russia?"[27]

The adoption of a major piece of legislation by the US House of Representatives on December 4th (H. Res. 758) would provide (pending a vote in the Senate) a de facto green light to the US president and commander in chief to initiate –without congressional approval– a process of military confrontation with Russia. Global security is at stake. This historic vote –which potentially could affect the lives of hundreds of millions of people Worldwide– has received virtually no media coverage. A total media blackout prevails. [....] One would expect that this historic decision would has been the object of extensive news coverage. In fact what happened was a total news blackout. The nation’s media failed to provide coverage of the debate in House of Representatives and the adoption of H Res 758 on December 4. The mainstream media had been instructed not to cover the Congressional decision. Nobody dared to raise its dramatic implications. its impacts on “global security”. ”World War III is not front page news.” And without mainstream news concerning US-NATO war preparations, the broader public remains unaware of the importance of the Congressional decision. [....] Spread the word. Reverse the tide of war. Break the mainstream media blackout.

Globalresearch is correct that no major news sources covered the resolution, (though the Ron Paul Institute[47] and Inquisitr[48] both managed to get their digs in) but they fail to provide any reason to believe that the media "has been instructed not to cover" the issue, rather than looking for more viewer-enticing stories -- say, the graphic war that's actually going on in Ukraine. Moreover, a resolution is not a bill -- it merely says that Congress is really, really pissed at Russia, rather than putting it on "hot war footing".

[edit] Anti-Western

Globalresearch appears to fully believe that my enemy's enemy is my friend. The West can do no right, and anything which opposes the "West" (ie, the US and its allies) can do no wrong. Examples:

During the 2011 Libyan civil war the site was an apologist for Muammar al-Gaddafi, reproducing his propaganda and painting him as a paragon of a modern leader.[49][50]

In the 2014 Ukrainian crisis the site is taking the standard "anti-globalisation" stance against the Western side and falling into the ranks of imperial Russian propaganda instead]].[51][52][53][54][55][56] Chossudovsky wrote that "the deaths of protesters in Maidan square triggered by Neo-Nazi elements have been used to break the legitimacy of a duly elected government" [57] and questions, "Is the US backing Neo-Nazis in Ukraine?"[58] While criticizing American buildup of forces against Russia, it writes: "The underlying narrative is supported by a string of baseless accusations directed against the Russian Federation. It accuses Russia of having invaded Ukraine. It states without evidence that Russia was behind the downing of Malaysian Airlines MH17, it accuses Russia of military aggression."[27] Accordingly, it denies that MH-17 had anything to do with Russia.[51]

[edit] Truly remarkable articles

Chossudovsky, giving a lecture titled "9-11: Pretext for War".[20]
  • North Korea, a Land of Human Achievement, Love and Joy: North Korea Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Victory[1](saved archive)
  • US Training Nazis, Western Media Providing Cover[56]
  • The Complete History of Monsanto, “The World’s Most Evil Corporation”[34]
  • Capitalism and “The Universal Religion”[59]
  • "US Struggles to Keep Asia in Dark Age. US-Funded 'Newspapers' and 'Activists'".[60]

[edit] FBI Refuses to Uncover Plot to Assassinate Occupy Leaders

Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if the government cooks up these [assasination] plans for every movement that threatens the establishment. They just keep them in place as a last resort, while they use the combined efforts of the media, informants, and provocateurs to quietly neuter these movements before they become a problem. We may have just gotten lucky by stumbling onto one of their premature plans.

This article is a truly beautiful example of the site's moonbattery.[61] In the real world, Freedom of Information Act request was sent for details on an assasination plot for members of the Occupy Houston movement. The FBI argued that the documents are legally exempted from the Freedom of Information Act, because they contained the identities of confidential sources who were members of organized violent groups.[62][63][64] In the Globalresearch world, Chussodovsky quotes:

An identified [DELETED] as of October planned to engage in sniper attacks against protestors (sic) in Houston, Texas if deemed necessary. An identified [DELETED] had received intelligence that indicated the protesters in New York and Seattle planned similar protests in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin, Texas. [DELETED] planned to gather intelligence against the leaders of the protest groups and obtain photographs, then formulate a plan to kill the leadership via suppressed sniper rifles. (Note: protests continued throughout the weekend with approximately 6000 persons in NYC. ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests have spread to about half of all states in the US, over a dozen European and Asian cities, including protests in Cleveland (10/6-8/11) at Willard Park which was initially attended by hundreds of protesters.

From this, he concludes:

As of now, we have no idea who this person is that was preparing to engage in these attacks, or if it even was person. For all we know it could have been a group of people or a state-sanctioned organization. We don’t know if this is information the FBI received on a suspect, or if this was a communication between themselves and one of their own assets. The language of the document certainly sounds pretty creepy. Terms like “if deemed necessary” and “received intelligence” have led many to believe that this unknown person was officially sanctioned to act by the government. And if that isn’t true, if the FBI had just received a tip that a lone gunman was about to start killing peaceful protesters, what measures did they take to prevent that from happening? By all appearances, they didn’t do anything. So, best-case scenario, the government knew something could happen, and decided to ignore it; and worst-case scenario, they were playing an active role in this plot. [....] All this for a bunch of idealistic college kids. I will admit, there’s a chance that we’re misinterpreting these documents, but they sure make the FBI look insane. Like I said before, it appears that they were either plotting to assassinating Occupy leaders, or they were going to look the other way while somebody else did the deed.

Chussodovsky is engaging in classic conspiracist JAQing off: rather than actually trying to find out what the FBI did or waiting for the details on the group to be revealed, he fills in the blanks with The Big Bad United States Government. He provides no reasons to believe this, but merely hopes that the lack of counterevidence is sufficient.

[edit] The Doctrine of Superior People: The Bond between Israel and World Zionism

Globalresearch approvingly reuses James Petras's article, which borders on antisemitism. Petras writes:[37]

Israel’s dominant role in formulating US Middle East policy is largely a product of its success at recruiting, socializing and motivating overseas Jews to act as an organized force to intervene in US politics and push Israel’s agenda. What motivates American Jews, who have been raised and educated in the US[,] to serve Israel? [....] I am going to focus on one – the ideology that ‘Jews are a superior people’. The notion that Jews, either through some genetic, biologic, cultural, historical, familial and/or [sic] upbringing, have[ ]special [sic] qualities allowing them to achieve at a uniquely higher level than the ‘inferior’ non-Jews.

It's one thing for Petras to disprove Jewish supremacist arguments, which are fundamentally racialist and irrational. It's wholly another to assert that Jews worldwide knowingly conspire to control the events of the world. (This is quite literally Hitler's worldview in reference to the Jews, whom he blames for every international event.)

Petras' version of "Jewish supremacy" is largely a straw man. In particular: "Jewish supremacists never miss a chance to cite the ‘Jewish background’ of any highly accomplished contemporary public figures in the entertainment, publication, financial fields or any other sectors of life in the US." Taking pride in the successful members of a often-attacked minority group is hardly "supremacy".

Petras describes centuries of Jewish thought with: "For centuries Jewish ‘wisdom’ was confined to textual exegesis of religious dogma – texts full of superstition and social control, as well as blind intolerance, and which produced neither reasoned arguments nor contributed to scientific and human advancement." Yet surely the highly religious Christian and Islamic societies of the time had exactly the same problem; singling out Judaism for this treatment is suspicious.

Petras writes: "Historically, highly talented individuals of Jewish origin succeeded by renouncing the constraints of everyday Jewish life, rabbinical overseers and Jewish institutions. Most contemporary prestigious scientists, including the frequently cited Nobel Prize winners, have little or nothing to do with Judaism! And their contributions have everything to do with the highly secular, integrated culture in which they prospered intellectually – despite expressions of crude anti-Semitism in the larger society." Petras fails to consider that Jews likely avoided being visibly Jewish BECAUSE of said antisemitism, and manages to paint 1800s-1950s Europe as "highly secular".

Petras also does not distinguish between being ethnically Jewish and being religiously Jewish (you can be one without being the other), and ignores the fact that Jewish cultural traditions arising from Judaism are often still found within non-practicing Jews. He writes: "Jewish Supremacists persist in claiming ‘racial credit’ for the achievements of individuals who have publically renounced, denounced and distanced themselves from Judaism and have dismissed any notion of Israel as their spiritual homeland. Their universal prestige has prevented them from being labeled, apostate or ‘self-hating’. Albert Einstein, often cited by the Supremacists as the supreme example of ‘Jewish genius’, denounced Israel’s war crimes and showed disdain for any tribal identity." Einstein truly discarded Judaism and became an atheist/deist. But he did not show disdain for his ethnic background, and expressed identification and solidarity with fellow Jews. [65]

Petras continues with: "Supremacists compile a very selective list of virtuous Jews, while omitting areas of life and activity where Jews have disproportionately played a negative and destructive role." The article then proceeds to list a whole bunch of Jews who have done terrible things. One can't imagine why they'd leave off those people off lists meant to celebrate pride. Why doesn't the LGBT community include Jeffrey Dahmer in their list of historical LGBT people? Surely they must be hiding something!

For articles like these, the Jewish Times described Globalresearch as "rife with anti-Jewish conspiracy theories and Holocaust denial". In response, Chussodovsky argues that Globalresearch is "anti-Zionist, not antisemitic".[20] It appears that Globalresearch is completely unable to distinguish the line between anti-Zionism and antisemitism, much like it is unable to distinguish the line between "anti-Western" conspiracies and genuine news, and so ends up supporting both.

[edit] Noted sources

Globalresearch appears to be largely a news clearinghouse, as very few of the stories on their homepage are attributed to "Global Research News"[66] or "Global Research"[67]. Globalresearch contributors are happy to source information from anyone who seems vaguely aligned with their ideology, even if said contributors are full of horseshit:

[edit] Scope

Nice try shill. Taking me off point like that. Go peddle your idealism elsewhere.
—one redditor's reaction to this article[78]
because many of its articles are reposts from other sites, and other sites repost from GlobalResearch, it is difficult to tell how popular the website is.

As of February 2016, its YouTube page had over 23k subscribers and 3.4 million views[79] and its Facebook page had been liked over 190k times.[80] Alexa (reliable only in an extremely broad sense) ranked the .ca website at 12,000th worldwide,[81] while the .com website had almost no traffic.[82]

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[edit] Footnotes

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