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187 Fake Cancer "Cures" Consumers Should Avoid

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187 Fake Cancer "Cures" Consumers Should Avoid is a 2009 document from the FDA listing a number of products which are sold as cancer "cures" despite strong evidence that they are entirely useless, and in many cases dangerous and illegal.

The list includes manufacturers and product names. The majority of the ingredients fall into the "Some study somewhere has suggested some possible health benefit of X, so we are using that study as proof it's a cure for cancer" category.

These are ingredients used for various treatments on the list:

FDA notices[edit]

  • In 2008, the FDA sent a warning to Precision Herbs,[1] who were marketing Activase, Amorph, Apritum, CanAlk, CancerGene, Carcinogex, Fungustum, Molex, Neoplasmex, Pau d'arco Bark, ThermaPop, TNF-Max, TumGo, Tumorex and VX-O as cures for cancer. Since then, these have been pulled from the market or relabeled.
  • In 2008, the FDA sent a warning to Fem Health "super herbs"[2] who were marketing "New Sun NKC-C Agaricus Blazei capsules," "New Sun NKC-C Agaricus Blazei Super Concentrate Vial," "New Sun Green Tea," "New Sun Grape Seed Extract," "New Sun LIV Combination," "New Sun Flax Seed Oil," "New Sun Super Sam (Super Sam Generic Samento, Cat's Claw)," "New Sun Vital PR. & BR." and "New Sun Yew/Olive Combination," among numerous other products as cures for cancer. They have since been pulled of the shelf or rebranded.
  • In 2008, the FDA sent a warning to Plant Cures Incorporated[3] who were marketing "Bloodroot Extract," "Ojibwa Tea" or "Essiac," and "C-Cell 4 Destroyer" as cures for cancer. Since then, the products have been pulled from the shelf or rebranded.
  • In 2000, the FDA sent a warning to Richard McPhail[4] to cease marketing Medicardium and P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream as cures for cancer.

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