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Answering Islam is a website dedicated to converting Muslims to Christianity and to debunking incorrect Muslim claims[1] in favor of incorrect Christian claims.

The site hosts numerous criticisms of the Qur'an,[2] including sections on contradictions,[3] scientific foreknowledge,[4] prophecies,[5] numerology,[6] and textual integrity.[7]

The site is explicitly Christian[1] and, as expected, remains incredibly apologetic to all forms of criticisms, contradictions, and various other aspects found within biblical scriptures, not to mention asserting Islam is of pagan origins while claiming the biblical narratives have absolutely no relation in the slightest with paganism — as opposed to the similar organization WikiIslam, which attacks Islam without supporting any particular religion. There is a Muslim counterpart called Answering Christianity,[8] which does virtually the same things as Answering Islam, in that they heavily criticize doctrines of Christianity while being incredibly apologetic towards Islam; for bonus points, they go a little crazy by blaming Israel for 9/11.

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