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The Australian Imam.
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Mohammad Tawhidi (1982/1983–), also known as Imam Tawhidi or Imam of Peace, is an Iranian-Australian useful idiot for islamophobes and racists alike. He self-proclaims as an imam (Muslim religious leader) with an educational background of prestigious Iranian Shia-Islamic seminary, but such credentials are only backed by Daily Mail and MEMRI articles and his status is never recognized by the Australian National Imams Council or its South Australian equivalent.[1][2][3] Unfortunately, this places him as an insider with knowledge who exposes the "dark side" of Islam.

His tactic is extensive use of overgeneralization and jonanism, lumping average Muslims together with actual extremists[note 1] and attacking their ordinary lives such as issues of halal certification and mosques, providing justification for outright bigotry. He is also keen on attacking "leftists" (whoever that is) who apparently funded ISIS.[note 2] In spite of his claim about advocating for Muslim sectarian unity, he has almost no followings among Muslims,[note 3] and the fanbase significantly consists of islamophobes, Zionists, and white supremacists.[4][5] This is hugely problematic from public security standpoint as effective counter-terrorist strategy always requires cooperation with local Muslim communities and institutions.[6][7]

He was temporarily de-platformed from Facebook in 2017.[5] Predictably, it was widely blasted by the right-wing media. Ironically (and unsurprisingly), he is quick on deleting or removing comments or blocking people from his social media pages.[3]

Hall of shame[edit]

He routinely makes outlandish but headline-catching claims about Muslim communities in Australia. Some of the absurdity include:[5]

Controversy regarding credentials[edit]

Facing criticisms regarding his status of imam, he published an apparent investigation from the Royal United Service Institute (RUSI) in South Australia. The investigation was conducted by RUSI making a confirmation on behalf of Tawhidi to two clerics, Sayyid Mohammad Mahdi Tabatabai and Sheikh Mahdi Ma'ash. Ironically, Ma'ash is a close friend of Tawhidi, and Tabatabai is considered "nobody" which makes the investigation objectively suspicious. The so-called investigation also did not contact the Australian National Imams Council, and failed to clarify the issue of the university he claimed to have obtain a bachelor and master's degree repeatedly rejecting his claim.[3]

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  1. Right wing media is keen on portraying his islamophobic style as "anti-extremist", "anti-terrorist", or "anti-radical".
  2. This is ironic as he claims himself as "not right wing nor left wing" and instead "human-wing".
  3. Some double useful idiot phenomenon is observed on the Sunni extremists side, who occasionally rally against Tawhidi as "Shia extremist" who tries to undermine Sunni Muslim society. This turns into easily exploitable material for both Tawhidi and his islamophobic fanboys.