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American Petroleum Institute

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The American Petroleum Institute is a lobbying and public relations firm for the oil and gas industry, and an ardent global warming denialism group. They had supported Rick Perry in the 2012 Republican primary[1], and more recently announced a strong "voter education campaign" in the face of the 2016 election.[2]

As a sideline they also grade engine oil and set technical standards for the oil industry[3].

Evidence for API's global warming denialism[edit]

In a 1998 memo, the API stated that:

Victory Will Be Achieved When:

Educational films[edit]

In 1958, the animated short subject Destination Earth, made by John Sutherland Productions, was financed by the API. The film was intended to show school kids about the wonders of crude oil and its many by-products. In recent years, clips from this short (which has lapsed into the public domain) have been used in peak oil documentaries such as The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream (2004)[5],Collapse (2009)[6] , and Anima Mundi (2011)[7]

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