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American University of Complementary Medicine

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Alternative medicine
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American University of Complementary Medicine is an unaccredited school in Beverly Hills, California that teaches homeopathy, Ayurvedic medicine, Asian body work and traditional Chinese medicine.

Legal status[edit]

AUCM is a legal degree giving-body and students may be able to practice alternative medicine under strict guidelines within the state of California.[1] However because of not being accredited, an employer may not accept their credentials. Most health insurance plans do not cover alternative medicine. In almost every state in order to even practice the programs mentioned someone must hold an M.D/D.O. or D.C. degree as well as being licensed and bonded by the state.

Degree programs[edit]


  • Associates of Arts in Asian Body Work



  • Masters of Science in Nutritional Medicine



There is an actual campus and an actual teaching staff, however most of the staff got their medical degrees outside of the United States and are not allowed to practice medicine in the United States.

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