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Cancer Free University (or CFU) is an online course costing $549.[1] So it's neither free nor does it make one free of cancer. The course is one of several offered by The Vitality Network.[2] This "university" is non-accredited, aka a fake.[3]

This course promotes a range of alternative cancer treatments, including (but not limited to) PolyMVA,[4] GcMAF,[4] RIGVIR,Wikipedia[4][5] Gerson therapy,[4] Sono-Photo Dynamic therapy,[4] and Ozone therapy.[4]

The CFU also promotes the integrative/alternative oncology organizations "The Cancer Control Society",[6] and the "Best Answer for Cancer Foundation",[7] (misleadingly, "best" in that phrase is not the superlative adjective, but someone's surname).[8]

The Course[edit]

The course includes interviews with numerous infamous integrative physicians, including (but not limited to) James William Forsythe, M.D.;[9] William Lee Cowden, M.D.;[10] David Ira Minkoff, M.D.;[11] Antonio Jimenez, M.D.;[12] Jesse Andrew Stoff, M.D.;[13][14] Juergen G. Winkler, M.D.;[15] John David Young M.D.;[16] Ben(nie) S. Johnson, D.O.; [17][18] Jim D. Nored D.D.S.;[19] and Véronique Desaulniers, D.C.[20][21]

CFU videos are presented by Jenny Hrbacek, who previously promoted the RGCC bogus cancer screening test.[22][23]

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