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Bismacine, occasionally known as Chromacine[1] (though Chromocine might be a different drug),[2] is an alternative medicine sold to treat Lyme disease that involves the injection of the metal bismuth. Bismacine was invented by Robert Bradford, who is not a medical doctor,[3] in 2004.[4] In 2006, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning against Bismacine,[5] as bismuth is not approved for injection and can lead to heart and kidney problems.[1] Bradford pled guilty in 2010 to charges that Bismacine caused the death of a woman in Kansas.[6] Bradford and business partners also admitted that they inflated fears of Lyme disease as part of a marketing campaign to increase sales of Bismacine,[7] calling Lyme disease a "potential plague of the 21st century."[4]

In an article for the Townsend Letter, an alternative health magazine, Bradford claimed that when using Bismacine, all patients had little-to-no adverse effects known as Herxheimer reactions.[2] This is not surprising, as Herxheimer reactions occur in at most 15% of all Lyme disease patients,[8] and would occur in even fewer if Bismacine was failing to kill the Lyme-causing spirochetes.

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